Part 2: The Result

Well, you know the result, that’s why I’m moving to Tokyo!

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember my initial reaction to receiving the news from the employment agent. If not, it went something like this:

December 3, 2012

“got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tokyoooo baby! Ahhhh crying crying. :-) :-)”

Tears of elation rolling down my cheeks. It was a happy moment.

I had been chatting to my older brother online at the time. He had asked how the interview went and I was telling him it went well, how I was impressed with the school, etc. The principal had said they would get back to me in 3 days. It had only been 48 hours, but the more hours that passed, the more anxious I was becoming. My mind was coming up with all sorts of reasons why they would not choose me. Was I not enthusiastic enough in the interview? Did the other applicants blow them out of the water? Did my Japanese make them run for the hills?!

Then, all of a sudden, my phone beeped. A voicemail message had come through from my agent. My heart was in my throat as I dialled message bank. I braced myself, thinking ‘just rip the bandaid off!’… Ten seconds later the message ended with my agent saying, ‘おめでとうございます!’. I put the phone down, and typed to my brother that I had just been offered the job. About thirty seconds later it sunk in and I started bawling!

For 8 years, it has been my dream to live in Tokyo, and finally it was COMING TRUE!  \(^^)/  I always believe that if you want something badly enough, it will happen, it just might not happen when you want it to happen! And this is proof of that.

I feel so grateful to so many people who helped me along the way. My Japanese tutor helped me with my Japanese CV and interview preparation very early on. One of my school’s English teachers was the person who actually introduced me to the employment agency and was always there for me when I had any questions about anything. My mum gave so much of her time to help me with last minute preparation and moral support, as she always does. My brother gave lots of encouragement. My employment agent made me feel at ease on the interview day and gave the guidance I needed. And then there was the crowd of people online who gave me that extra boost. I certainly didn’t feel alone.

If that wasn’t good enough, 4 hours later the clock struck midnight, and it was my birthday!! :-)


6 thoughts on “Part 2: The Result

  1. 関東大震災(かんとうだいしんさい)のために、福島から名古屋へ非難(ひなん)してから、2年たって、今年の春に、東京へ 移り住(うつりす)むことになりますね。
    東京は、世界のリーダー都市(とし)です。この大都市で、たくさんの経験(けいけん)をして、有意義(ゆういぎ)な人生(じんせい)を おくってください。


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