Yakiniku in Shinjuku

By far the best yakiniku experience I have ever had.

So, if you’re not sure, yakiniku is more or less small cuts of barbecued meat. It’s something you sit down to eat after work or on the weekend with a few cold beers and a few good mates.

From the street, 焼鳥の鉄人 (yakitori no tetsujin) looked like a tight, jam-packed basement restaurant. A little rough around the edges, no fancy decorations, dimly lit and basically no elbow room! The fact that the restaurant was so busy was enough to catch our eye and draw us in!

Inside, the place was filled with smoke rising from the small BBQ pots (shichirin) in the middle of every table. The waiters were busy running around, bringing out drinks and meat plates. The customers were laughing and enjoying themselves.

Yakitori no Tetsujin

We chose the ¥1,980 ($20) all-you-can-eat-and-drink for 70 minutes option. This gives you free choice of 25 different cuts of chicken, pig and cow – everything from the tongue, liver, heart, intestines, belly, etc.  The waitress brought out our first plate of raw meat, and it was non-stop from there! We threw the meat on the BBQ, dipped it in yummy sauce, ate it up, drank, ordered another plate, ate, drank, ate some more.

The best cut was called Beef Karubi taken from the under side of the cow. It was juicy, fatty, meaty and so delicious! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of it, but here’s a few snaps from the night…




Good fun!

Here is the restaurant’s website >> http://www.pandc-vc.co.jp/shop-info/shinjyuku/


9 thoughts on “Yakiniku in Shinjuku

  1. Just got back from this place after coming across it on your blog and deciding to take your advice and check it out – amazing recommendation, my girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for the post!


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