Wisteria Festival at Kameido Tenjin Shrine

I swear, there is no such thing as an unappealing garden in Japan! The Kameido Tenjin Shrine garden is no exception. It is balanced, elegant, peaceful and inviting, and has been that way for about 350 years.

Wisteria is called fuji in Japanese. At Kameido Tenjin, in Tokyo’s west, the fuji cascade from high wooden frames, creating a ceiling of purple petals and green leaves. The wisteria bloom every spring and a festival is held to celebrate them at their peak. This year’s festival runs from April 20 – May 6 2013.

At the entrance of the grounds, a giant, red torii welcomes you into the Shinto shrine. A long, straight path then leads you through the middle of the grounds up to the shrine itself. The path also extends around the circumference of the grounds and weaves in and out around the wisteria plants, taking you on a journey around the garden. A big pond, home to turtles and carp, creates spectacular reflections and makes the place so tranquil. Along the main path are two ‘drum bridges’ which rise steeply above the pond waters. The bright, ‘Shinto red’ bridges contrast stunningly with the purple and green of the wisteria. Every day at dusk, lights are switched on for the festival’s ‘light up’ display. The garden transforms into glistening flowers against the night sky. It’s very magical and romantic!

Torii gate
Shinto Torii
Approach to the shrine

Top of Wisterias

Wisteria vine 1
Spring colours
Rock sculpture
Unique rock sculpture

Wisteria vine 3


Shrine and Lantern

Ema plaque
“Ema” Plaques to write your hopes and wishes

Turtle in Pond

Twisting tree

The famous Drum Bridge
The famous Drum Bridge

The light up begins…

Wisteria vines 4

Light up 2

Light up 3

Light Up

Light Up Reflection

Tokyo SkyTree makes a grand backdrop

10 thoughts on “Wisteria Festival at Kameido Tenjin Shrine

  1. すばらしい 藤棚(ふじだな)の 庭園(ていえん)ですね。この世(よ)の ものとは 
    おもえない うつくしさに みとれます。藤の房(ふさ)は、本当に ぶどう のようです。
    藤の花には においが ありますか。
    桜が ちって、今 藤の満開(まんかい)、つぎは 紫陽花(あじさい)や 菖蒲(しょうぶ)の季節(きせつ)でしょう。紫(むらさき)系(けい)の花が おおいですね。きっと、蜂(はち)が 一番好きな色は 紫なのでしょう。わたしは 紫が すきな 紫しきぶ。


    1. 藤の花は甘いにおいがしましたが、そんなに強いにおいではありませんでした。
      うん、春といえば、いろいろな美しい花ですよね。 つつじの花も咲いていますよ。 根津神社のつつじ祭りに行こうと思ってます。


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