Edo River Fireworks Festival 2013

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for!!! An incredible display of some of the most enormous, colourful fireworks! After the Sumida River Fireworks were cancelled last week because of rain, and since I’ll be going overseas in a couple of days, this was the last chance I had to see one of the major fireworks festivals in 2013. And I was far from disappointed! I’ll let the photos do the talking…

A spectacular grand finale.
A spectacular grand finale.

4 thoughts on “Edo River Fireworks Festival 2013

  1. Great pics Celia. One small criticism / piece of advice if I may – that last one is overexposed quite a bit. They always end a fireworks show with a barrage of explosions that turn night into day. With that in mind it’s a good idea to set the shutter speed to a faster setting or capture it in short bursts. I recommend shooting in Bulb mode as you control the length of time the shutter is open just by holding the button down.

    Anyways, hope your enjoying life in Tokyo! Take care!


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