Summer Intensive: ESL Classroom Activities

Wohoo! I have officially been on summer holidays for about a week now. I could really get used to this lifestyle, waking up late, hanging out with friends, exploring the city :P I am off on an overseas adventure very soon, but before I go I wanted to talk about the Summer Intensive Course at my high school.

So, we had 2 lots of 4-day courses. Each course had 90 minutes per day – 6 hours in total. I elected to teach an English Conversation course for Year 10 and 11s. This was the first time I was solely responsible for the lesson planning and teaching; I was my own supervisor, and I was pretty damn excited! Trouble was, I had so many ideas it was hard to choose, especially since I didn’t know most of the students or their English ability. I ended up putting together a bunch of my favourite activities, as well as a few I had been curious to try out. My aim was basically to do loads of group work to create a so-called “talking classroom”; do activities that required speaking in English in order to complete them (this is called “speaking-as-a-skill”); teach the students a bit about Australia; and just generally have fun! All in all, it was such an amazing experience for me and I hope the kids got a lot out of it, too!

So for those interested or involved in languages education, I thought I’d share some of the more successful activities I did in my summer intensive courses.

☆ Alibi

☆ Charades

☆ Drama Play

☆ Photo Contest 

☆ Speed Interviews

☆ Whisper Race

I hope some teachers out there were able to relate to my experiences here. I am all for sharing knowledge, as all of these activities have been my adaptations of someone else’s, so if any of you have any classroom or teaching ideas or stories I would love to hear about them! :-)


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