Tokyo 2020 candidate poster
Tokyo2020 candidate poster

I woke up this morning and scrambled for my phone to see the result of the 2020 Olympics ballot.

I got chills down my spine. For all the right reasons.

Beating out Istanbul at 60-36 votes, it was CONGRATULATIONS to Tokyo for winning the bid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear it was the promise of quality and safety as well as the futuristic element in their ‘Discover Tomorrow’ theme that pushed them ahead of the competition. So, expect to be seeing some spaceship stadiums!

I’ve been seeing promotional posters for Tokyo 2020 for years, and it seems like the whole nation was holding their breath. I can’t wait to hear my friends’ and students’ reactions! I’m so excited and happy for Japan!!

Now the next question, will I still be living in Tokyo in 2020…. it might just be a good incentive to stick around that long!

P.S. if you Google ‘Tokyo 2020’ you can see some of the proposed stadiums… they look pretty cool!



2 thoughts on “TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS!!!

  1. 2020年のオリンピックを 東京で見るのが 楽しみです。あと7年も先(さき)のことですが、東京は 今から 開催(かいさい)の日にむかって 準備(じゅんび)に 力を入れていくことでしょう。英会話を 習(なら)いたい人が もっと 増(ふ)えると 思います。
    セリア先生の英会話クラスは 大人気になりますよ。あと7年間、がんばってね。


    1. これから、英会話を習いたい人が増えることはいいポイントですね。2020年、東京にいるかどうか分かりませんが、私もこれから頑張ります!


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