Autumn Has Arrived

Today marks the first day of autumn. And in good style, it’s a national holiday in Japan, 秋分の日. Yes! I can laze around :-D Today, there will be 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of nighttime. And then from here on in, the days will get shorter and shorter.

I reckon the best thing about autumn is the warm, cozy feeling it brings. Even though I’ve never in my life experienced this, when I think of autumn, I immediately think of sitting around a fireplace, all snug and warm, while outside the trees rustle in the winds. Bit weird, I know. Must have been some story book I read or movie I watched as a child! But what I actually do know is that the temperature drops; the morning air becomes fresh and crisp; blankets and jackets are brought out of storage; night inches earlier and earlier, almost like gently pushing people into their warm homes to be with their families; gradually cold thirst-quenching drinks are replaced with hot chocolates and warm cups of tea; and the colour of foliage changes from cool shades of green to warm shades of red, orange and yellow.

In Japan, I think of acorns…


and pine trees…

Pine fern

and loads of colour, like these snaps of Kyoto…





And then there’s the novelty side… Autumn salad (although I’m pretty sure the only difference to the regular salads is it has pumpkin)

Autumn salad

Halloween candies…

Halloween KitKat

Halloween KitKat

Halloween Pocky

Halloween Pocky

And of course, autumn beer…

Autumn Kirin beer

Happy Autumnal Equinox Day, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Has Arrived

  1. パンプキンプデイングのキットカットの味は どうですか。かぼちゃの味が しますか。
    秋のビールも おもしろいですね。夏にできたビールと 秋にできたビールは 
    味が ちがうのでしょうか。日本では かぼちゃが 秋の シンボルのようですね。


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