The Snow is Coming!

Brrr, it’s getting a bit cold! Weather forecasters have predicted snow for the top of Japan next week. This means it won’t be much longer until it makes its way down here. Wohoo! The first time I saw snow was when I was about 20 years old. Considering that was not too long ago, I still get excited every winter when I see that awesome white stuff floating down from the sky! Since moving to Japan, I’ve gotten into snowboarding and LOVE it. It probably helps that Japan’s snow falls are EPIC! I’ve been following the snow reports for 2013-14 and can’t wait for the season to open. It’s already started snowing on the back peaks in the Japan Alps. Last year the ski season opened on November 17 in Nagano, and November 23 in Hokkaido.
Not long to go!!!

Yahoo Japan Weather Forecast

Yahoo Japan Weather Forecast


One thought on “The Snow is Coming!

  1. もう5年くらい前のクリスマスホリデーに 日本を訪れたときに、上野(うえの)から 
    上越(じょうえつ)に向かう列車(れっしゃ)の窓(まど)から 日本アルプスの雪山を見て、
    私は 大学生の時に 長野のスキー場(じょう)で スキーを習ったことを 
    とても 懐(なつ)かしく思い出だします。
    白銀(はくぎん)の世界(せかい)は 神秘的(しぴてき)ですね。
    あなたも また 来年のシーズン中に、白馬でスノーボーデイングができたらよいですね。


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