Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I often see other bloggers join in the Weekly Photo Challenge which is hosted by The Daily Post, and it’s always great to see everyone’s interpretations of the weekly theme. The current theme “Window” immediately reminded me of one picture in particular I took in Cambodia last year.

It was our first day exploring the temple ruins around Angkor Wat. My brother and I were at Banteay Samré, one of the more remote locations. We started out taking a few snaps together, but before long, we’d lost each other in the labyrinth of secret chambers and corridors. We were drawn into the magic spell of this ancient world! It was fascinating to touch the ancient carvings on the walls and think about life here all those years ago. Over the next forty or so minutes, even though the temple was relatively small, I saw my brother only two or three times. One of those was a moment when I looked back through a window and had just enough time to take this shot (on my iPhone) before he vanished once again…

Window into an ancient world

Window into an ancient world


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

    • I know! I just commented on yours, too.
      I was there back in August last year for a week. How incredible is it?! Banteay Samre was definitely one of my faves. Which temples did you visit?


      • That is too funny -we must have been posting at the same time.
        We went to the Big 3… Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom. We also went to a few smaller ones. We did sunrise and sunset at Angkor (that was clouded over both times ;( ) We had a 3 days pass and took our time and half a day looking at temples. My husband was recovering from a flu (he had before we arrived) and was still too weak to do too much. It was enough I think so we could appreciate everything.


        • Oh that’s too bad… being sick on holidays is not fun. But, it sounds like you saw a lot anyway! We did sunrise at Angkor Wat, too, and it was just stunning! Such a memorable trip.


          • We went to Angkor for sunrise too and the sky was starry when we left, but a thick mist and cloud was along the horizon so we missed out. Same thing at sunset a few days later. Bit disappointing after an early start to a day. We did see a lot and spread it out. I would like to go again one day at a different time of year maybe when there are fewer tourists.


  1. このお寺の内部(ないぶ)には、電気のライトがついているのですか。
    わたしも 古い建物の中で 昔、そこで くらしていた人のことを 想像(そうぞう)するのが 
    すきです。このお寺が いろいろな祭事(さいじ)に 使われていたとき、
    みんなが 平和な生活をしていたら いいですね。


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    • Such a kind comment, thank you! I hope you get to visit Angkor Wat one day. It is one of the most incredible places I’ve been to! I don’t recommend going in summer though, toooo hot!


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