Autumn Mission: Shinjuku Gyoen (wrap up)

So I realise it’s no longer autumn, and I realise I’ve already posted many autumn foliage photos… I promise this is the last one! I visited Shinjuku Gyoen as part of my Autumn Mission just before I left on my Australia holiday in December, and I’ve been meaning to do this wrap-up post since. Better late than never!

I’d been told it was beautiful at Shinjuku park in the autumn, but since I’d gone so late in the season (it was already winter), I wasn’t expecting a lot. I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I was quite blown away! The fiery reds, oranges and yellows contrasted with the evergreens, and sparkled in the morning sunshine. The fallen leaves swept across the path, rustling and dancing in the wind. Overhead, the tallest trees branched their arms together as if protecting the ground below. The forest was alive! And to top it off, there were only a few others basking in this beautiful, natural show… no crowds, yay!

The tree is on fire!
The tree is on fire!
Sun-kissed forest
Sun-kissed forest
Shinjuku Gyoen front entrance
Shinjuku Gyoen front entrance
Corridor of colours
Corridor of colours
Intense red!
Intense red!
Contrasting colours
Canopy of colours
Shinjuku Gyoen koyo
Peaceful morning walk
'Flower' pine cone
A lone pine cone bidding autumn goodbye

** Autumn Mission Wrap Up **

My self-assigned mission was to see as many autumn-foliage spots as possible in and around Tokyo. I definitely tried as hard as I could, and made the most of weekends and holidays. But, there just wasn’t enough time to see everything! Nevertheless, after spending my first autumn in Tokyo, I can say that it is such a beautiful time to be in the city. I’m not sure it’s as breathtaking as the cherry blossoms in spring, nor autumn in Kyoto, but compared to my hometown in Australia – which is green, green, green all year round – I was like a kid in a candy store!

My autumn adventures of 2013 were:

1) Nikko (Post 1) / (Post 2)

2) Mt Takao

3) Showa Memorial Park

4) Setagaya temples

5) Shinjuku Gyoen (see above)

Until next year!

11 thoughts on “Autumn Mission: Shinjuku Gyoen (wrap up)

  1. It must be so wonderful for the locals and visitors to have such a big park in the middle of Tokyo.
    The reflection of the skyscrapers on the lake surrounded by the forest is very impressive.


  2. Just as well you are not home here in Oz … it’s wet, wet, wet. We had a drought yesterday – it lasted 2 hours!



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