Sakura Season Has Begun!

Yesterday, the cherry blossom season was officially declared here in Tokyo. Wohoo!! I’m so excited. It’s been a long, cold winter, with more snow than usual. The cherry blossoms are blooming later than normal this year because of that. The peak of the season is predicted to be around April 5. I will return from my snowboarding trip just in time for the peak it seems >_< Bad planning on my part!! But I already have a few hanami parties lined up so I will definitely be making the most of it.

At Yoyogi Park yesterday, the petals had just started to come through.

Yoyogi Sakura Yoyogi Sakura

At Yasukuni Shrine, they have set up a live camera to show the progress of the blooming!!

Check it out here >>

8 thoughts on “Sakura Season Has Begun!

  1. 日本の天気図(てんきず)に 高気圧線(こうきあつせん)低気圧線(ていきあつせん)の動(うご)きが
    描かれています。春になると 花見前線(はなみぜんせん)というのがありますが、その前線が北上
    (ほくじょう)する様子を天気図(てんきず)で、みていますか。その前線が 東京に来るのが 4月の初旬
    を したいですか。


    1. はい、そうですね。もう3回目になりますね。今年、近くの砧公園で新しい知り合いと一緒にお花見をしたいと思います。他のオススメスポットを調べています。:)


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