Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “spring“.


In Japan, without the cherry blossoms, it’s not spring.

As nature transforms, so do we. Spring draws us outside. It re-energises us. Every year, after gloomy winter, I feel a change in the air. Walking down the street, a warm breeze brushing over my cheeks, sunlight sparkling throughout the trees, it’s like a sense of liberation. It’s about ‘now’ – being in the moment – and appreciating the finer things in life. For me, that is being able to enjoy the amazing wonders of nature.

One of the most memorable cherry blossom trees I’ve seen was in Miharu, Fukushima. Known as takizakura, which means “waterfall cherry blossom”, it is a GIANT of a tree! It’s over 1,000 years old, and is about 12 metres high. I love the character of the tree. From a distance, it’s quite bold and majestic. It demands attention… and gets it! Up close, it really does feel like you’re standing under a waterfall of petals! Then there’s the trunk… twisted, layered and wrinkled. It definitely shows its age. If only the bark could speak, imagine what stories it could tell us!

Takizakura Takizakura Takizakura Takizakura

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

        1. I sure am! It’s a four-day holiday weekend in Japan. The sun is out and so are the masses of people!! Enjoy your weekend, too! :-)


    1. Thanks Archita! This tree is one of only 5 ‘giant sakura’ in Japan. Very lucky to have got the chance to see it in full bloom! :-)


  1. この木の幹(みき)を、近よってみると、岩(いわ)のように見えます。
    柳(やなぎ)のように 枝(えだ)が たれているのは、本当に 滝(たき)のようですね。
    滝のようなさくら、滝桜(たきざくら)という名前は、なるほどだと 思います。
    骨董品(こっとうひん)のように 美しいです。
    そして、地震(じしん)や台風(たいふう)にも 耐(た)えてきた 巨木(きょぼく)の たくましさに 


    1. とても美しい木ですよね。大震災では損傷はなかったそうですが、数年前に大雪で枝が折れたと聞きました。 美春の町に行きませんでしたので、復活しましたかどうか分かりません。でもずっと昔から静かな場所だと思います。


      1. この桜の木を 支(ささえ)えている棒(ぼう)が、たくさん見えます。支え棒にあやつられて 踊っているパペットの人形のようにも見えます。大地震による損傷がなくて、ほんとうによかったですね。この巨大な木が、これから何年も 生きつずけて、毎春、美しい花を 咲かせてくれたら、すばらしいです。 


    1. Not just the top photo, all the pictures are the same tree, and yep it’s in Fukushima :-) Have you been there?
      Thanks for your support!


      1. Hi! Not yet, but a friend from there showed me this very image, so I figured it out.



  2. wow – that is some tree – you are right “it’s quite bold and majestic.”

    and I would love to stand under it to feel the waterfall of petals – stunning!!!!

    I also love how you gave us the artist in action – that was special. we saw someone painting in new yoke city once and I wish so much that I got a shot of her – it was the best street setup and so cool. anyhow, wonderful post – and Happy Spring to you. :)


    1. also wanted to ask if I could maybe use one of these shots in a collage for my 200th post later this month. I am not sure what I am doing for that post – but would like to use on of these pics – if that is cool – I will give full credit of course. :)


      1. It was very cool to see the artist in action. I always think artists are so brave to paint in public like that, where everyone can see their progress. They would have to have some confidence in their own ability!
        And yes, of course! I’d be honoured if you used any of my pics :-)
        Happy Spring back at ya!


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