Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “on the move“.


For this week’s photo challenge, I’m taking you out of Japan and into Malaysia!

Batu Caves is a hindu shrine near Kuala Lumpur. It’s famous for its massive 42.7m high statue of Murugan and of course the sacred limestone caves. But for me, one of the most interesting things were the monkeys! There were so many wild monkeys (macaques) scurrying around everywhere. I’d never seen anything anything like it! However, these weren’t the friendly, subdued type… I was told to hang onto my bag tightly and don’t make eye contact with them!! I didn’t feel threatened by them, but tried to stay away as much as I could – which was hard considering how many there were! Apparently they snatch belongings and food off tourists and have been known to get a bit nasty. Totally different to the laid-back, snow monkeys that lounge in hot springs here in Japan!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

  1. この巨大な像(ぞう)は、いつ作られたものですか。仏教(ぶっきょう)のお釈迦(しゃか)様のようです。


    • この像は1891に建築しました。階段の上で、でっかい洞穴にヒンズーの神社、カラフル像、スーベニアショップでもあります!


    • Thanks Deanna. I had a great time in Malaysia. I was only there for a short time, but I enjoyed visiting Batu Caves, the Petrona Towers and eating lots of local food.! :)


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