The Ultimate Teppanyaki Experience

Every now and then, it’s nice to go to a high-end restaurant. You know, blow the budget a little and experience how the other half lives. ;-) One of my brothers has been a chef for over 10 years, and I think through him I’ve formed an appreciation of fine dining. We’ve eaten at some of the top restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. And one thing is consistent, it’s all about the ‘dining experience’: soak up the atmosphere, appreciate the presentation of the dishes, breathe in the aromas, savour the tastes, and enjoy the food!

The other day, I went to Teppanyaki Kisentei, a restaurant in Tokyo Midtown, a complex in Roppongi that houses brand shops, offices, luxury apartments and restaurants as well as the Ritz-Carlton. Teppanyaki is another dining experience entirely. Having the chef actually cook right before your very eyes is exciting. He knows exactly what he’s doing, exactly how long to cook the food, how to season it without having to taste it, how to cut it, and present it. And he does it all with great finesse! His skills are on show for everyone to see. Our chef was definitely confident in what he was doing, but was by no means showing off. I liked his friendliness and how he interacted with the different diners but didn’t impose himself on us. The waiters were also lovely: relaxed, attentive and even cracked a casual joke or two.

We sat at a semi-circlular counter table. Behind the grill area was a romantic night view out over Roppongi. The young Japanese couple next to us were celebrating the guy’s birthday. When the cake came out, we all joined in singing happy birthday – it was so sweet and he loved it! The diner to our other side was a foreigner on his own. But he didn’t seem lonely at all. He was quietly enjoying his food. He was all about the ‘dining experience’ and his obvious contentment was infectious. As he stood up to leave, he turned to us and said we were about to eat the best food of our lives (or something like that). It made me smile.

A seat with a view, with a personal chef, with delicious food and good company… what more could you ask for!

More info about Teppanyaki Kisentei >>


10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Teppanyaki Experience

  1. It looks so good, Celia! Your post reminds me of a true story about some Italians who save their money for three years. Then they go to spend it all on a 6-hour, multi-course, all-you-can-eat dinner with time to rest and digest in between. :-)


    1. Wow that sounds intense! haha. I wouldn’t be able to move after 6 hours! I wonder if they eat Italian food, or just anything and everything?


  2. すべてが 完璧(かんぺき)な 芸術品(げいじゅつひん)ですね。だから カラナリアートでしょう。
    デザートのプディングは どんなものでしたか。小豆(あずき)の入ったものが、
    もっとも 和風(わふう)だと思います。前菜(ぜんさい)、アペタイザーの料理のなかで、
    手前の右下に見えるものは 何ですか。さばのきりみ のように みえます。
    このコースは 5千円くらいでしたか。もっと高い? わたしも 一年に一度は こんな すばらしい 
    おりょうりを 食べたいです。


    1. そうですよね。こういう食品はぜったい「アート」と呼ばれますね。デザートはマンゴープリンでした。すごく美味しかったです!アペタイザーのほうは、実はよく覚えてませんが、左はたぶん細い豆腐、右上はかにが入っているゼリー、そして右下はさばじゃなくてゼリーのようなものでした。コースはもっと、もっと高かったですよ!その3倍くらいかかりました!


  3. mmmmm – your photos are excellent – and it sounds like a wonderful dining experience – and cool that there is a chef in the family – double yum.

    and if you ever get the chance, watch the movie called Babette’s feast – it is very good! and you are so right Celia – sometimes dining out is totally worth the splurge! and loved this “A seat with a view, with a personal chef, with delicious food and good company… what more could you ask for!” well maybe a nice glass of vino? but that is included with the food – :) <3


    1. Hey! Thanks for the movie suggestion. I’ll give it a watch next chance I get!

      Haha and yep, Christmas family dinners are always amazing thanks to my brother. I also lived with him for 2 years when I was in university. He was training as a pastry chef at the time and would bring home all the delicious cakes and desserts he made. I loved it!! :P

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