Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “containers“.


For this week’s challenge, Ben has asked us to “give outer shells their due and focus our lenses on things that contain other things”. 

A while ago I was traveling around Kyushu, Japan’s southern island. We had just visited the Moai in Miyazaki Prefecture (deep countryside!), and decided to stop at a cafe for lunch. The last thing I ever expected to see – in some cafe in the middle of nowhere – was something like this. These sparkly, shiny glass objects caught my eye and I was mesmerised. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

The first is a ‘vase’ – the price tag says ¥2,310,000 (about $24,000). The second is a ‘cup’ – with a price of ¥1,995,000 (about $20,000). I later found out that the genius behind these works of art is a Miyazaki-local, world-renowned glass artist by the name of Kuroki Kuniaki. He’s show cased his work in many places like Paris, Venice, Rome, Athens, Taiwan, Denmark, Egypt, Australia and the US! A pretty big deal! I feel lucky to have seen these exquisite works of art with my own eyes.

More on his stuff here if you’re interested >> http://www.glass-art-m.com (Japanese site)

Glass Art Glass Art


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

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  2. この花瓶(かびん)のデザインは 金や銀の地層(ちそう)のなかに いろいろな宝石(ほうせき)が 
    化石(かせき)のように 埋(うめ)められた 宝石箱(ほうせきばこ)のように 見えます。 
    それから カラスのカップは 中に ティーポットが ひかっているように 見えます。
    とても 不思議で 神秘的(しんぴてき)な ガラス工芸品ですね。


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  5. Beautiful !
    I assume you have discovered the “exhibition floors” of department stores ..! ?
    When I was there at the end of the “bubble” , every dept store had the most stunning exhibitions of everything from all over the world. It was my Sunday thing to go to one & be dazzled & educated. Now I have noted that many are nothing more than what we would call the “bargain basement” selling rubbish. Sad.
    However , Mitsukoshi Nihonbashio I know maintains the tradition.
    Actually may fav exhibition was/is the “Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (日本伝統工芸展), I didn’t miss one for the 7 years I lived there & have been able to catch a few since coming home. It is due 17-29 Sept this year.
    I find it sooo beautiful , original , different , JAPANESE , it takes my breath away.
    Sadly, one is not aloud to photograph [ they sell books listing the items] , however in typical gaijin style, I snuck a few shots last year, just to have the memories & I have put them on Flickr if you want to have a look. The one of the blue bowl was not the attraction , it was the glass screen, you had to see it in the “flesh”, stunning.


    • Thanks for sharing! They are really beautiful and unique. I haven’t actually been to any exhibition floors, that I can recall. Are these in any/every department store? I’ll have to check that out.

      The Exhibition sounds right up my alley. I will put it on my calendar! Thank you! :-)


      • re”I haven’t actually been to any exhibition floors,”… really !!
        ….in general, the “top” floor of most Deptos had / have [?] some sort of an exhibition space. May I suggest when next in any major depart , take the lift to the top [ or near ] floor first .
        Often I would see ads in trains for outstanding stuff.
        I can remember going to OIOI [OIMEN now] Shinjuku to see one exhibition every day for the 2 weeks it was on it was so stunning.
        All the big stores had something , usually seasonal, for a few weeks to months, sometimes interactive, i.e. you could watch someone making their craft / art,…
        Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi , it is the 7th floor http://mitsukoshi.mistore.jp/store/nihombashi/floor/main_7f/index.html
        I realise departs are not what they used to be, but keep a look out.


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