Drinkable Art!

“Latte art” is becoming super popular in Japan. The first time I saw it was back in 2009 on a holiday to Japan (when I was still living in Australia). I found an adorable bear smiling up at me from my coffee mug. It was the cutest thing ever, and has stuck in my memory all these years. These days, most decent cafes do it – sometimes you have to request it and pay extra for it, while sometimes it turns up at your table as a surprise! Regardless, it always make me smile. Baristas are too cool!

Coffee art

Coffee art Coffee art Coffee art Coffee art


Coffee art


12 thoughts on “Drinkable Art!

  1. とても かわいいテディーと うさぎのような顔の絵を 見ると、自然に 微笑(ほほえ)みが 出てきます。
    絵柄(えがら)として ハートの形のが 一番多く 使われますよね。
    こんなに すてきな絵を 飲むのが もったいないようです。
    2009年に どこで ラテーアートを みたのですか。


    1. ハートの形は一番簡単らしいなので、よく見えますね。あちらは全然見えないでしょうね?


  2. well tunis is one of the top three posts of yours for me from 2014 – (a tree one and the teppanyaki ones are other favs) even though it is so hard to really pick a few favs…
    anyhow, I had a chance to peek at some older posts on your blog today and I am enjoying it…


    1. Actually, it was hard for me to choose just 10 things for my final 2014 post. My initial list was a page long and I somehow narrowed it down! I love the few posts I did on food, too. The teppanyaki restaurant and the SkyTree restaurant one were awesome dinners.


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