10 Things I Love About New York (#1)

When I was younger – maybe around my early teens – I used to draw house plans of my dream home. I could imagine where the house would be located, the inside layout, the outside garden and yard design and even how life would be living there. I loved getting those creative juices flowing! I sometimes wonder if I should/could have followed a career in architecture!

It was no surprise that heading to New York, I think I was most excited about seeing the buildings! The Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Grand Central, and the charming row houses of West Village. A friend suggested I wander around Brooklyn’s Park Slope and Cobble Hill, and I was also recommended to check out Brooklyn Heights – all for their 19th century brownstone apartments.

New York did not disappoint. I was mesmerised the moment I laid eyes on the city! I would stroll around the city all day everyday if I could. The brownstones were my favourites – warm, inviting, elegant. I loved how so much care was taken with their exteriors. The front courtyards were immaculate and there was always some sort of greenery on the front stairs or hanging from the window sill. I wish I could have gone inside one of these beautiful buildings! I think I have found my new dream town house, that’s for sure.

But it wasn’t just the gorgeous old buildings that caught my eye. The modern architecture was just as impressive. There are a bunch of really cool, unique buildings in Chelsea. One in particular, the IAC building, features a glass facade that consists of built in particles that automatically block out harsh sunlight. And next door to that is 100 Eleventh Ave, a residential building with 1,647 window panes that create a ‘pixelated’ curtain wall. On the other side of the building, a black brick wall is spotted with different sized and shaped glass windows. Apparently, standing inside the building looking out, each window frames a different part of the city skyline! Very clever.

Buildings / Architecture

Beautiful old brownstones

Brownstone row houses in Park Slope

Brownstone row houses in Park Slope

Attention-grabbing, modern buildings

New York Public Library

Gothic-style churches – Trinity Church and St Patrick’s Old Cathedral

Grand Central Terminal

A last look at the city – from above. Taken from Top of the Rock.

Iconic view of Empire State Building and downtown Manhattan

Iconic view of Empire State Building and downtown Manhattan

Central Park and upper Manhattan

Central Park and upper Manhattan

So, this was my final of 3 posts on my favourite things in New York. Hope you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun going through all my photos and creating a sort of ‘photo album’ of my trip on this blog (back to Tokyo/Japan posts soon!). If you’ve never visited NYC, then I hope you do someday! If you have been before, even just once like me, then I’d love to hear your opinion on my top 10 – agree/disagree?? And, if you’re a NYC resident – well I hope it makes you happy that another person has fallen in love with your city :-)

#10 Strand bookstore
#9 Coney Island
#8 Staten Island ferry
#7 Times Square
#6 The High Line
#5 Food
#4 Brooklyn Bridge
#3 Interactions with the city
#2 Central Park
#1 Architecture


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