Colourful Karuizawa

Karuizawa: Round two!

I was in Karuizawa just last month, enjoying some beautiful nature spots as well as shopping at the huge brand outlet Prince Shopping Plaza. I liked it so much there that I decided I HAD to go again! This time, it was during their Autumn Festival. I stopped off with a friend on our way back to Tokyo from Toyama.

The colours, the vibrant colours! Reds, yellows, oranges, greens; and blue skies reflecting in the water. It was a sight to behold. I spent the whole day on foot, exploring the backstreets and woodlands, marvelling at the beauty of this lovely town.

Despite how these pictures may look, it was actually very, very crowded, especially at the famous Lake Kumoba. The autumn-leaves spots higher up in the mountains, like Shiraito Falls which I visited last time, were already past their peak, so everyone seemed to be making the most of the lower altitude places while they still could. Like in Toyama, the forecasted rain held off, and instead we were blessed with a sunny (but chilly) day!

Perhaps the next time I visit Karuizawa, it’ll be winter, and that fake snow will be covered in the genuine stuff. I can’t wait to go snowboarding, but it’s a little too early to be thinking about winter. One season at a time. The peak autumn-leaves viewing time in Tokyo is coming soon!

20 thoughts on “Colourful Karuizawa

  1. 黄色の車は だれかのもの。きいろのもみじは あなたのもの。
    もみじの葉は アルバムにいれて、秋の軽井沢のおもいでと、なりますね。
    湖にうつったもみじの木の形と色が とても 印象的です。炎のようにみえます。
    白鳥の湖の湖畔(こはん)を 散策(さんさく)してみたいです。


    1. 色々な場所からたくさんのもみじの葉がもう集めましたよ。(笑) 秋のアルバムはとても良い考えですね!コメントいつもありがとうございます (^O^)


    1. I think sometimes I try too hard to take photos without people, and I end up with a collection of images that make a place look quite lonely! Gotta find a good balance, I guess! Thank you, though. I like the VW pic too :-)


      1. In this case I think eliminating people is right, as the hero of the shot is the autumn colour. I related to your comment in that I did exactly the same when I was shooting the autumn colours. Look on it as an acquired skill :). Living in Tokyo you are not short of opportunities to work people into shots. The VW pic is definitely a beauty. Enjoy your weekend Celia. Cheers …


        1. I was just looking at the news from NY state actually. I can’t even imagine experiencing that much snow! Hope the ‘warmer’ weather continues for you. Take care!


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