100th Post!

I’ve reached my 100th post on this blog! To mark the occasion, I’ve updated my “About Me” to give you a bit more detail about my story and how I’ve come to be where I am. You can also read it below.

I hail from a small country town in Far North Queensland, Australia. My hometown is known for dairy farming, with a population of around 1,500 people – it’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone, and even if they don’t, they’ll say g’day to you anyway! I had a very ‘outdoorsy’ upbringing with my siblings and friends. My best childhood memories include climbing trees, floating down the river on tire tubes, riding our bikes up the road, mowing the yard with the ride-on mower, having sleepovers and playing with the dogs. The simple life! But even as a child, I dreamed of exploring the world. I wanted to visit everywhere from the French countryside, to Macchu Picchu, to New York city!

Although my mum is Japanese, I didn’t have much of a connection with Japan when I was a child. The first time I really developed an interest in Japan was on a school study trip in 2004, when I was 17 years old. I remember being fascinated by so many things – riding the bullet train past Mt Fuji, drinking ‘pure’ water from the ancient Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, the massage chairs in Akihabara, taking purikura (sticker photos) with my new Japanese friends, watching a 4D movie at Universal Studios in Osaka, and lots more. After that trip, I went back to Japan three times on short trips. I was so captivated by everything that I wanted to experience everyday life there one day – the ultimate goal was to live in Tokyo!

After studying a Languages degree and finishing my Master’s degree in Teaching in Melbourne, I finally got the chance to make that dream happen. I got a job as an eikaiwa (English conversation) teacher and made the move in February 2011 to a city called Koriyama in Fukushima. I was super pumped that I was actually fulfilling one of my life goals! But, Mother Nature had the worst kind of surprise in store for us all. The disastrous Tohoku Earthquake struck exactly one month after I touched down. It was an extremely tragic and stressful time for everyone, but it taught me to value the gift of life more. I ended up relocating to Nagoya and transferring to another division of the company, working as an ALT (assistant language teacher) in public junior high schools. Despite the quake, I was still so happy to be in Japan. I think for about the first six months, I woke up everyday thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m actually here!’. After two great years in Nagoya, I decided it was time to move on and reach for my goal to live in Tokyo! I successfully applied for a job as an English conversation teacher at a private high school, where I’ve been working since March 2013.

Moving to Tokyo marked such a huge milestone in my life that I was inspired to start my blog, Celia in Tokyo. I wanted to have a place to share photos that I take and stories I have to tell about this adventure called life. I’ve met some of the most kind-hearted people here in Japan, and experienced some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I’ll never forget. I have a lot of love for this country!

I hope that my blog helps you to get to know the Japan I know and love – past the usual sushi, trumped-playing robots and geisha – and possibly even inspire you to visit (or return to) Japan!

I’m grateful to all of you who are following my adventures here, as you motivate me to keep going! The blogging community is a unique one, and I really enjoy the interaction between and support from bloggers. I, for one, love reading blogs from all over the world about everything from cooking to sports to poetry to travel! As thanks, I want to do a special shout out to some of my amazing followers who visit fairly regularly and/or whose blogs I enjoy…

http://priorhouse.wordpress.com – A personal blog about a mix of different topics, like art and poetry.

http://neihtn.wordpress.com – Hien posts wonderful photos of nature and wildlife.

http://www.packingmysuitcase.com – A Brazilian living in Germany and travelling the world!

http://todaysperfectmoment.wordpress.com/ – Like me, Anthony’s an ESL teacher and he used to live in Japan.

http://johnliddlephotography.wordpress.com – An Australian photographer who’s also interested in Japan.

http://nrpin.wordpress.com – Nihar discusses some interesting topics like technology and the art of photography.

http://theexercisehitlist.wordpress.com – Beth is a mum to 4 young boys and has a goal to stay fit and healthy.

http://eatprayjade.com – The stories of a fun-loving, world traveller.

http://wisemonkeysabroad.com – A very active and inspiring Aussie couple, who have seen a lot of the world!

http://felinecreatures.com – A super stylish Chicago-based fashion blogger.

http://tonyj2japan.wordpress.com – A fire fighting Aussie with a passion for soccer and Japan.

http://krithya.wordpress.com – A Bollywood-lover who also takes fantastic photos!

http://shootingveniceandberlin.wordpress.com/ – Bruno is an avid photographer based in Venice.

http://ladycaladium.wordpress.com – A fellow English teacher here in Japan.

http://unclespikes.wordpress.com – Stories of life and photos from travels from the one and only Uncle Spike.

http://lemanshots.wordpress.com – Beautiful digital art by Josephine.

http://injimsgarden.wordpress.com – Bringing a backyard garden to life, in the most interesting and poetic way!

http://janalinesworldjourney.wordpress.com – The adventurous Janaline shares her fun and exciting travel stories with us.

http://merakigeek.wordpress.com – Amusing stories of daily life with 3 young kids and a cute kitten!

http://www.myseoulinbkk.com – Delicious eats in Bangkok, and other daily musings of a Korean expat.

http://www.haikugirl.wordpress.com – Everything you need to know about Japan!

http://thegreatamericanlandscape.com/wp/ – Beautiful, eye-catching photography of nature in America.

http://johncoyote.wordpress.com – Thought-provoking poetry by John.

http://peterlamphotography.com – Seeing the world through the eyes of this Danish-born photographer.

Derekuma (an email follower)

Most importantly… My family – mum and dad, my sister and older brother (and sometimes younger brother :-P )

Thanks to everyone else who stops by as well! Please continue to do so!

26 thoughts on “100th Post!

  1. Interesting to read more about your story Celia. I have a deep admiration for those who get off their butt and pursue their dreams and ambitions. It doesn’t matter what they are, they are personal, but so refreshing to hear your story, compared to the “Aren’t you lucky” crap we often hear from those still in the hometown, doing nothing with their lives, but bemoaning those who did.

    As for making the special list, I am so chuffed; thank you very much, feeling quite honoured :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree completely. Some people just put things in the ‘too hard’ basket without even trying. But reaching goals, especially ones you had to work hard to achieve, is so rewarding and confidence-boosting, and motivates you to keep pushing yourself!

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  2. Hi Celia,
    Congratulations on reaching 100 posts – I look forward to achieving that one day. Thanks also for your kind acknowledgement and sharing your expanded story. It reminded me of Colin Hayes (the horse trainer) motto, which was: “The future belongs to those who plan for it.” Talking of the future, all the best for your next 100 :). Cheers ….


    1. Thanks John! That quote is very true. Something that you might not be able to do now, could be possible in 5 years time if you plan for it, study for it, train for it, etc. Even though some goals might change over the years, I think it’s good to have something to aim for!
      Good luck achieving your 100 too :-)


  3. 100回目のブログ、おめでとうございます。
    Celia in Tokyo が 連続小説(れんぞくしょうせつ)の ドラマのようですね。
    このドラマを たくさんの人が 見て読んで、応援(おうえん)していること、
    Celia’s Teaching English and Learning Japanese も 
    このドラマの ストーリーに くわえてください。


    1. ありがとうございます!この「Celia in Tokyo」というドラマをいつも読んでくれてありがとうございます。笑


      1. たとえば、オーストラリアの人なら すぐ理解(りかい)できる冗談(じょうだん)を 
        言っても、日本の生徒さんたちが ぜんぜん その意味が わからない という話。
        あなたが 校長先生に 「来年も ここに とまります。」と いった笑い話。
        「来年もここに 留(とど)まります。」というのが、正しいと、おもいます。
        そんな ”Lost in translation” の例を おしえてください。


  4. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post. That’s fantastic.
    Thanks also for the shout out–one of the best things I have found on WP is how supportive and encouraging the people are.
    Your story of how you got to where you are is wonderful. Thanks for updating it. I am also glad that you want to introduce Japan that goes beyond the “easy” and “whacky” –which seems all the rage (i.e. Wow they eat weird Kit Kat flavours). While I love those things, I love so much about Japan that doesn’t fit into that small window.
    Thanks so much–and I wish I could visit or live there again.


    1. Haha yeah, I love all those weird and wonderful things too, but after a while they become less bizarre. It’s funny when people from home visit, or I meet people new to Japan, and they remind me of what it was like to be excited about everything! But you’re right, there’s much more to the country, and the deeper you delve the more interesting it is! Thanks again Anthony!

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  5. Dear Celia,
    your blog is amazing and I enjoy every single post and every single picture. Japan is a great country. I’ve been there just a few weeks but I felt in love with it. I’m happy I can visit it again from home trough your posts, waiting the day I could go back! I look forward to reading more about your life and your experiences in Japan! I’m so happy you like my pictures and you thought at me writing this post. That really surprised me!
    Keep on the beautiful job! :) :)


    1. Hi Bruno,
      You should’t be surprised! I think your photographs are always amazing and the photo shooting tips are a great idea. :-)
      I always love to hear about others that like Japan as much as I do. It definitely is a unique country. I hope you can come back one day soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Celia, congratulations on this 100th post. As usual, I enjoyed reading it, and appreciate the additional information about you. Please keep blogging and doing what you like or want to do in life. You are an excellent writer, and you should consider writing a book too.


    1. Thank you Hien. Haha, my dad says the same thing – he’s waiting for the book to come out too. It would be nice to get published one day! How about you? Are you working on another book?


  7. Congrats Celia…wonderful journey and with a century of beautiful posts…you have opened one more new chapter in your magical path of interaction and engagement with all of us.

    Thanks so much for mentioning me…I really do enjoy your posts and it has been wonderful knowing you…
    Looking forward to more such interesting post…

    Happy Blogging!!!


    1. Thank you, Nihar! I always enjoy reading your philosophical view on different topics. I usually see life as a series of adventures, but seeing it as ‘chapters’ is pretty exciting too – every chapter has its own purpose, but they all fit together in the end!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Celia life is a book by itself, not all chapters are open, many chapters we keep very close ourselves…life is full of adventures and depend on us how we venture into different territories…yes, at the end it all fits in to create a new story…

        Thanks so much for your words of appreciation. Me too enjoy your wonderful blogs…


  8. Hi Celia and well done on your 100 posts. I agree with many others that it is good to know just a bit more about bloggers, what motivates and inspires, how circumstances and events shape us.
    And thank you for noting my Blog in your eclectic mix. I have been quiet on the posting side for a couple of months.


  9. thanks so much for listing my blog – you rock my friend!! I am not sure why I did not get a ping back – and well, i was so shocked to see my blog listed (just cool) so thx so much.

    and congrats on your 100th post! glad our paths have crossed in the blogosphere and looking forward to connection in 2015 – happy new year….


    1. Thank youuu, and you’re welcome! I’m not sure what happened with the ping backs, but I think they weren’t working for a few weeks. Anyway, I’m super glad our paths have crossed here, too. Thanks for your continued comments and likes :) Here’s to a great 2015!


      1. yeah, I know they were configuring stiff for a while, but I also wonder if a general link to a blog makes a difference – like I seem to have better luck with linking to the about page than to the blog home page… but I dunno….
        have a great day and looking forward to a nice year!

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