Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “Yellow


This photo has been my desktop image for a while now! It was taken in Ibusuki at the southern end of Kagoshima prefecture (at the bottom end of Japan), a place known for therapeutic hot sand. The yellow California poppies, the sunshine, the lake, the mountains, the remoteness – there was something very calming about being here! The volcano in the background is Kaimon-dake, and beyond the fence you can just see Lake Ikeda.


For a lot of people in Japan, this next place is instantly recognisable! Shirakawago is a village made up of World Heritage, traditional farmhouses, in the remote mountains of Gifu prefecture. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque areas in the country. In summer, the cheerful sunflowers add a beautiful splash of colour!



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

  1. 黄色のポピーと、黄色のひまわりが 夏の日差しを いっぱい受けて,笑顔で 歌を歌っているようです。
    「夏が来れば 思い出す、はるかな おぜ、遠い空。」ーー夏の思い出という 歌です。
    指宿(いぶすき)や 白川郷(しらかわごう)のような 美しいふるさとに 帰りたいです。


    • Thanks Hien! I usually change my desktop background fairly regularly because I get sick of seeing the same image all the time, but this one has stuck and I think you’re right – it’s invigorating!


    • Hi John, Thanks! A friend actually stayed in one of the farmhouses which have been set up as a guesthouse, and said it was an incredible experience. Put it on the bucket list!

      Hope you’re enjoying the festive season! :)


  2. wow, just amazing….it is so soothing that one can keep looking at the beautiful picture forever…I can understand why it was on your desktop for such long…
    Hope all preparation set for the celebration.
    Merry Christmas!!!


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