Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

The Color Run… the happiest 5k on the planet!

A couple of weekends ago, some friends and I headed over to Tokyo Bay near Disneyland to participate in this year’s The Color Run Tokyo. We joined last year too and it was so fun that couldn’t resist going again! The Color Run has spread like wildfire around the world, with something like over 50 countries now holding their own events.

Basically, it is a 5km fun run, where at every 1km mark, you run through a coloured powder war zone! At the start line, everyone is wearing their pristine white T-shirts. But it doesn’t stay clean for long. As you run through the 1km mark, orange powder hits you from every angle, then at 2km it’s blue, then yellow, and finally pink. As you cross the finish line, you’re looking something like a rainbow from a Mardi Gras parade or a festival goer at Holi in India. The main idea is just to be happy and have fun! At the finish line, there’s an outdoor party with a live DJ – the best part, in my opinion!

Thank you to Jen at the Daily Post for the Weekly Photo Challenge theme: Motion. Here are a few images which I hope capture the action and excitement of the event!
Color Run Color Run

Color Run Color Run


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

  1. 世界一(いち) たのしいマラソンですね。
    虹(にじ)の下を 走ったように みんな 虹色に染(そ)まっていますよ。
    もし、本当の虹だったら、雨にあたって、いろが 消えてしまうでしょう。
    でも この日、良いお天気で良かったですね。ゴールイン、おめでとう!


    1. 絶対に、世界一楽しくてカラフルなマラソンです!友達と一緒にはしゃいだり、ゴールインした後でのパーティーで踊ったりして、本当に「ハッピー」なイベントです。(^O^)


  2. what great idea for a run – and the faces of joy you captured really does give us the essence of this fun.. :) I would love to do this run sometime


      1. well you are right about the insane number of races we have – and in our town just yesterday they had a superhero race – where folks wore their favorite super hero costume – and you know – after I thought about it – I probably would not want to do a race that there paint or powder – even if it is non-toxic I think it would bother me a whole bunch. :) and I might be doing one later this spring – just a little ol’ 5 K – but I also only like to do races in the spring and fall – (the weather has to be right) what about you – are you a jogger/runner?


        1. A superhero race?! That sounds like such good fun!! Yeah, I’m a runner and hiker, although more the latter recently. Ever since I was little I’ve alternated between team sports, martial arts and track & field. But Australia’s a very sporty country, so I think it’s pretty normal. :)


            1. :) have a nice week C (and my two azalea bushes are now in full bloom and I grabbed a photo this morning – I will be by later this week to share a photo of one – assuming you are not tried of azaleas yet :)


  3. These pictures remind me of Holi in India which is so colorful and energetic festival. Glad you enjoyed this event and thanks for those beautiful and colorful shots :)


      1. O yes, it’s a very traditional festival. And I have grown up enjoying and celebrating this festival all my life in India. Its so much fun and exciting. Hope you come down to India some day around the festival time and experience yourself the richness of India in terms of its festivals and cultural heritage :)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. People plan about it days in advance. Kids are especially super excited about it. Lots of traditional food are made, family get together, we go out and meet relatives and greet each other. Its said that everything you do on this day is forgiven. So people do all sorts of prank and jokes. Play with colors, both wet and dry kinds. You visit any city and street in India, and you will find so much colors and people faces are all soaked in colors.

        Its fun, so much fun :)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I love that! It sounds like so much fun and a great festival that brings everyone together to enjoy life. I’m yet to visit India, but I hope when I do that I can time my trip with this event! It’s so interesting to learn about different cultures and traditional events around the world. Thank you! :)

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