Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

For this week’s Photo Challenge, Forces of Nature, I’m taking you to back to my home in northern Australia.

Summer (roughly December through March) is cyclone season and each year there’s usually at least one intense storm that makes landfall. Category 4 and 5 cyclones are the most dangerous with wind gusts up to 300km/hr (186mph). They smash the coastline once every few years, leaving a trail of debris. Loss of life is not common, thankfully, but buildings are ripped apart, trees are uprooted, power lines are brought down, and rivers swell to more than double their normal size. It is a scary experience and accidents can easily happen if you’re not prepared.

After a cyclone, we often go for a drive to check out the local region. Waterfalls are at their most fierce after cyclones and heavy rainfall. The Barron Falls in Kuranda, which in the dry season is barely a trickle of water, explodes into a spectacular sight. After a Category 5 cyclone, the rocks you can see in the picture below almost all disappear under a powerful mass of water! It is definitely an amazing force of nature.


A powerful Barron Falls after a Cat 4 cyclone



23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

  1. Hi Celia,
    Nature certainly unleashes it’s wrath on North Queensland from time to time and for all the good aspects of life in North Queensland, I’m glad we don’t cop those events in Victoria. Of course we get the fires in summer. Such a crazy continent haha. Cheers ….


  2. サイクロンによる雨で 水量(すいりょう)が ふえたバロン滝は 
    とても 迫力(はくりょく)が ありますね。
    2006年3月19日に アサトン高原を おそった サイクロン ラリーは 
    とても ひどかったです。そのサイクロンが 過ぎ去ったあと、わたしが 
    とても かわいがっていた ペットのベンが いなくなってしまいました。
    あのサイクロンの被害(ひがい)の中で、ペットを なくしたことが
    一番 かなしかったです。自然(しぜん)が もたらす力(ちから)は こわいです。


    • そういう悲しい出来事もありますね。大切なペットが突然、いなくなると本当につらいですね。


  3. Wow! Barron Falls looks angry! It’s such a scary thought. I’m very fortunate. I’ve never experienced a flood or storm while I was living in Brisbane. And the year after I finished school and went home, Brisbane experienced a terrible flood.


  4. It’s an interesting post to keep us aware of the negative side of nature. Nature is beautiful but nature is brutal if we exploit and take it for granted…yes when these cyclones comes you feel helpless in the hands of nature, we are in its mercy…though today we have infrastructure to protect against such fury of nature but that is not true for all, people living in the hinterlands and close to nature are always at risk. We should revere the nature but be aware of its brute force.
    The picture of waterfall is a beauty and it captives any onlooker…good reminder of the negative side of nature and we should be careful and respect the co-existence with nature rather than try to invade into the delicate balance of its territory with human beings.


    • You’re right – nature will destroy anything in its path if it has to. It can be absolutely stunning at times, but terrifying at other times. It’s scary to experience natural disasters like cyclones, wildfires and earthquakes that are life-threatening but completely out of our control. Sometimes all you can do is pray everything will be ok!

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      • We just have to pray when nature losses it balance…nothing is in our control. But we can also do our part not to annoy the nature by nurturing the nature…we should also give back whatever possible at our end, and each one of us can extend little more empathy towards the nurturing of nature.
        We all have seen the destructive power of cyclones to earthquakes….let’s pray for a healthy co-existence of human being with nature.

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  5. Nature has its own rules to reward and punish human beings. I dont think we should try to mess up too much with nature, with all the development happening around at the cost of our environment


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