Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Last weekend, a friend and I went down to Jingu Stadium for the Tokyo Swallows vs. Yokohama Baystars game. It was my first time to an outdoor baseball park, so I was looking forward to seeing how different the atmosphere was compared to indoor stadiums.

Even though we got there around 5pm, the sun was still beating down on us something fierce! So many sweaty bodies in such close proximity – it was not cool. As the sun finally retreated over the horizon, a cool breeze gave us all some relief. Then, like a reward for putting up with the heat, we were treated to a beautiful sight. The sky flashed gorgeous shades of pink and purple for about 10 minutes before the night sky took over. It made for some interesting half and half images: a battle of the earth vs. the sky.

Were they photos of the sunset with a baseball game in the foreground? Or was the focus the park with a nice sunset in the background?

Jingu Baseball Stadium Jingu Baseball Stadium

Thanks Ben at the Daily Post for the interesting theme this week.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

  1. 夕焼け雲(ゆうやけぐも)の フォーメーション、
    セミサークル,半円(はんえん)であることに きがつきました。
    天と地を 上と下と して見るより、円形(えんけい)の半分ずつ、
    ハーフとハーフ としてみるのが おもしろいですね。 
    ピンクと紫(むらさき)の夕焼けは セレナードの ように 
    観客のこころを なごめてくれた ことでしょう。 


    1. 雲の形と空の色は印象的ですね!上のはパノラマ写真でしたので、野球場の円形がもっとはっきりと見えるのです。ハーフとハーフとして見るのがおもしろいですよね!:-)


    1. Is that Saitama?
      It’s funny how doing things we used to do at home can make us feel more comfortable living in a foreign country. For me it used to be just going for runs. Even though the scenery was different, the feeling was the same.

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