Fave Eats: French Crêpes

In a city that is forever changing and growing, it’s almost laughable to think about going to the same restaurant twice! Really, why return to one place when there are thousands of others to choose from? I don’t think anyone could ever know exactly how many restaurants there are in Tokyo. The number 160,000 has been thrown around recently to describe the amount of registered establishments, but I’m sure the true number is much higher! Basically, even if you went to a different restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, every day of your life, there would still be thousands you didn’t get a chance to step foot in. Overwhelming is an understatement.

So why return to one place? Because eating out is not just about scoffing down some food! It’s also about the feeling you get as you walk through the doors, the way the waiters interact with you, how the food is presented, and even what kind of people the other customers are. This is where some restaurants stand out more than others and actually deserve to be visited more than once, or even, dare I say, numerous times.

I often get asked by friends who are visiting what is my favourite restaurant. That’s such a hard question! It’s like a process of elimination. After 2.5 years in Tokyo, I know at least 100 places that are probably NOT worth recommending! But seriously, I have dined at many nice places, some very cheap and some that blew the budget. Off the top of my head, the most memorable dining experiences have been yakiniku in a Shinjuku basement, dumplings at Din Tai Fung, fine dining 345m above Tokyo, teppanyaki in Roppongi, and Joël Robuchon’s L’Atelier!

But there’s one restaurant in particular that just won’t escape my mind. It’s one that is not particularly cheap nor expensive, and probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve found myself going back here again and again. Some of you may recognise it as I’ve mentioned it once or twice before, but I thought it was about time I dedicated a blog post to: Cafe-Creperie Le Bretagne!

Le Bretagne claims to be Japan’s first creperie, brought to Japan from France by a specialist crepe chef by the name of Bertrand Larcher. Le Bretagne is a branch of Breizh Café, who have 18 locations across France and Japan. The buckwheat galettes that are prepared here are a specialty from the Brittany region of France, and are very different to other ‘crêpes’ you find in Japan.

So there are lots of reasons I call Le Bretagne one of my favourite eats in Tokyo. Back in May 2014, I was exploring the streets of a place I’d read about known as Tokyo’s “Little France” when I stumbled across a quaint and cozy restaurant hidden down a cobblestone alley. There were a couple of free tables on the terrace so decided to try it out. The friendly waiter welcomed me with a cheery “Bonjour” and handed me a menu as I sat down. There were two pages of crepes and galettes and they all sounded amazing, so I just picked one randomly!

As I waited, I looked around, admiring the pictures and postcards of Brittany on the walls and quirky features of the restaurant, like clog-shaped handles on the doors! A book shelf sat outside on the terrace so I grabbed one of the travel magazines and flicked through the pages, transporting myself to the shores of beautiful Brittany! When the galette arrived, it was everything I’d hoped and more: crispy around the edges, and filled with tasty ham, fresh button mushrooms, creamy cheese, and all things delicious! I paired my galette with a cup of traditional cider, and that was that; I was hooked.

That was my first encounter with Le Bretagne. Since then, I’ve been about 6 or 7 times! I’ve taken different friends, and even had my birthday dinner there last year. The menu changes depending on the season, so it’s a little hard to recommend any galette in particular, but I can safely say that I’ve never been disappointed with any choice. As for dessert, a personal favourite of mine is the crêpe suzette served flambé!

If you’re looking for a great place to dine in Tokyo, Le Bretagne is worth it!


6 thoughts on “Fave Eats: French Crêpes

  1. Looks nice. One to check out in the (not too distant) future.

    Wow! L’Atelier! Is that the one in Ebisu? He’s got one in Roppongi Hills but the windows are massive, and at ground level so everyone walking by can see right on to your table!


    1. Thanks Tom!
      Actually L’Atelier is the one in Roppongi Hills. We sat at the counter facing the open kitchen, but yeah I did notice the tables were very ‘public’!


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