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I remember back in Year 8 or 9, I was chatting to my school bus driver after school one day. He asked me what I wanted to be in the future. A writer, I said without hesitation. Like most kids, I read a lot when I was in primary school: mysteries, romance novels, war stories, fantasy stories, young adult books. I would stay up past my bedtime, engrossed in the lives of the characters. Not only did I love getting caught up in those stories, but I was inspired by them. I let my imagination guide my fingers as I typed page after page of my own ‘novel’. Despite my passion for writing at the time, as I went through high school, my dream job changed numerous times, and my story as well as my goal to be an author took a back seat.

So, it’s kind of strange that all these years later, I am doing what my 13 year old self wanted to do! Have you ever found yourself unknowingly living out a dream you used to have? What’s meant to be will be! Over the past year, I have had some exciting opportunities knock on my door that have kept me busy and definitely rekindled that childhood dream of writing for a living.

I had my first ever article published back in January ’15 by a travel website called Taiken Japan, which is a blogging hub full of Japan-based foreigners sharing their travel stories and outlook on life here. They were just starting to recruit bloggers, so I was free to write about whatever I liked. I contributed half a dozen articles, basically once a month, until July.

And then came an even bigger surprise. I was contacted by BBC Travel who were looking for someone to be the Tokyo representative in their Localite project. They wanted someone to introduce a side of Tokyo most travellers wouldn’t know about, focussing particularly on Tokyoites with an interesting background story. It was definitely a challenge to meet their expectations, but it was a great experience and one I’m very grateful for.

So far this year, I’ve been involved in another online project which should be going up any day now. And my next major goal is to contribute to the Lonely Planet. Ambitious, I know, but as I’m teaching my high school students at the moment, you have to set high goals and take risks in order to move forward… “If you want to see a long way, you have to build a high tower!”

Taiken Japan


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BBC Travel


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If you have some free time, please click on the links and have a read. I hope you’ll find them interesting and learn something new about Japan!


21 thoughts on “Beyond the Blog!

  1. Wow Celia…It is this passion that we love to pursue and I am so happy that you have found it and with every passing year you have come closer in realizing your dream. Making a career out of passion and that too travel and writing as a passion has been so fascinating to live with, I love taking all the risk to make my passion become a reality and seeing you achieving is real pleasure…

    By the way congrats for the call from BBC Travel…and wishing you many more great success in future, cheers to the beauty of falling in love with passion and making it a reality…


    1. Thanks for the support Nihar! Yes it’s so true – doing a job that we love, or turning our passion into a career, is a wonderful thing and makes life even more enjoyable. I’ve had a few dreams of mine come true, and can honestly say there’s no better feeling! It’s great to have a goal to focus on and strive for, isn’t it.
      Wishing you continued success in the future, too. :-)

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      1. I agree Celia, by the way it’s been long we had such good conversation, I understand we get tied up with so many things and we have so many commitments to fulfill, yes, in the process when we inch close to our dream and when we can feel the pulse of our passion, that’s a moment of magical ecstasy…it is so satisfying and it is indeed inspiring and keeps our urge and thrust to get going and achieve our goal…
        I feel so happy about your reaching your goal and able to feel that profound force of passion…

        Thanks so much and wishing you loads and loads of success and unbridled joy in life…
        Take care!!!


        1. It has been ages, hasn’t it! Actually, I have been meaning to continue our last conversation on your blog… I was pondering that topic for a while, but have been distracted by work and travel lately.
          Thanks again, Nihar. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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          1. Yes, I agree Celia, but it doesn’t matter if we start where we have left, that’s what we have done…we get caught with so many things, difficult point out why and when, it is always a pleasure to start where we have left. Good to have a break and make lot of lost ground with new thoughts and newer perspective…
            You too have a lovely weekend.
            Looking forward to…

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  2. I pushed the like button, but this is one of those cases where there should be an “awesome” button. Congratulations. Your writing and photography are excellent and I am so happy for you. You definitely deserve it.


  3. Very proud of you!

    Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.
    – Anais Nin


    1. Aw, thanks Em.
      Love that quote :) You never know what’s around the corner!
      I don’t think I ever asked what you wanted to be when you were a child…?


  4. 昨年は 作家としての デビュー、おめでとうございます。
    たのしく 読みました。今年も Celia in Tokyo を 続けてくださいね。
    そして、The Lonely Planet に セリアさんの 記事が でるのを
    期待していますよ。将来、Celia in Japan の本も出版してください。
    自分の人生に 到達できる目標をもって努力することは すばらしいです。


    1. このブロッグの始まりからずっと応援してくれて本当にありがとうございます。すごく嬉しいですよ!
      もしCelia in Japan の本を書けたらいいですよね〜 今年も頑張ります。(^O^)


    1. Thank you, John!! Yes, it seems that way! Had I not moved to Japan, I wouldn’t have had all of these great experiences and probably wouldn’t have started blogging. As I often say, everything happens for a reason. Funnily, my dream as a 9-year-old was to be a teacher, and I’m now doing that too! I guess my younger self was pretty wise… :P


  5. Such a lovely post… I fell in love with your blog at first sight because I love Japan and your take is different.. Not just information but fun.. You are awesome writer, this article hooked me to your blog. All the best dear :)


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