Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

It’s mid winter here in Tokyo and the days of late have been sun-less, rainy and dreary. Some people thrive in cold weather. The idea of cozy fireplaces, Ugg boots, snow angels and mulled wine sounds like the perfect dream. But in reality it’s more like struggling to get out of bed when it’s so cold you can see your breath, finishing work when it’s already dark out, and trying not to get sick as you go between overheated rooms and freezing outside temps all day. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say winter isn’t my favourite season!

This week’s photo challenge, Vibrant, came at a great time. I miss the colours of spring, summer and, more recently, autumn. In December, I went to Koishikawa Korakuen to catch the autumn foliage at their peak. I wanted to post about this city garden last month, but didn’t get the chance – so I’m hitting two birds with one stone today:)

Koishikawa Korakuen

Koishikawa Korakuen was created over 380 years ago, making it one of the oldest gardens in Tokyo. It’s one of 7 places in the country to have been designated both a ‘special place of scenic beauty’ and a ‘special historic site’, and is famous for its sakura in spring and momiji in autumn, as well as its bridges and water features. I’ve been at least half a dozen times since I moved to Tokyo, but nothing prepared me for the brilliance I saw this time!


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

  1. Vibrant というのは 色が明るくて、鮮やかと いう意味もあり、秋の紅葉は まさに そうですね。
    アルバムの写真は どれもこれも 鮮烈な印象を伝えてくれて、すばらしいです。

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    1. ありがとうございます!今週のテーマを読んだ時に小石川後楽園の紅葉をすぐ考えさせられました。ホントウに素晴らしかったです。


  2. Those are really beautiful photographs! I’ve been to Tokyo in spring when the cherry blossoms were at their peak. It’s safe to say that now I want to visit during autumn! Very nice post for the challenge.


    1. Thank you so much, Sukanya! You were lucky to see the sakura at their peak! I love spring but after seeing so many fantastic momiji-viewing spots in Japan, I have to admit I like autumn more. :)

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  3. Can’t believe I missed this post, Celia. The trees look so beautiful. We were lucky to visit Kyoto & Nara during Koyo in 2012. Thanks for refreshing our memories!:)


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