Good Brews: Fuglen

Warm and cozy. This was the first impression I had of Fuglen Tokyo, a coffee joint considered to be one of the best in the city. Even when the weather’s on the chilly side, people sit outside on a long bench that wraps around this corner shop, chatting and enjoying their cups of coffee. Inside, there are several tables, sofas and counter seats – almost always full of coffee enthusiasts. The varnished timber and soft lighting interior has created the perfect relaxing ambience, making it easy to get in the zone if you’re reading a book or doing some work. But it’s what happens behind the counter that keeps the people coming.

Fuglen, or The Bird, is an import from Norway. The original shop was established in 1963 in Oslo and in more recent years the business has started to spread its wings. The Tokyo branch, tucked away behind Yoyogi Park, was opened in 2012, and continues the unique concept of coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night.

The first sip of a coffee is always full of anticipation; is it going to be bitter or fruity or too heavy or too hot? The first sip of my Fuglen latte revealed one of the lightest, smoothest cups I’ve ever tasted. It was very good and the delicious taste lingered long after I’d finished the cup. That first sip was all it took to hook me and I know I’m going to be recommending it to all of my coffee loving friends from now on!


11 thoughts on “Good Brews: Fuglen

  1. 北欧の国、ノルウェーのロッグキャビン作りの家の温かさを 感じさせるお店ですね。
    喫茶店は、そんな未知の世界へのあこがれを お客さんに楽しませるのが 商売のこつですね。


    1. おとぎの世界のように感じがしているなと思いませんでしたけど、確かに暖かくて家庭的な雰囲気のカフェです。日本人はヨーロッパ、とくに北欧の国に魅了されているらしいですね。


    1. It’s getting better! I really feel like the coffee scene has improved in just the 3 years I’ve been living in Tokyo. But Starbucks and the other chains are still the definite favourite for most Japanese people I think.

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