Fuji x Flowers

Is there such a thing as too much love for Mt Fuji? Never, I say! Just look at her, standing out there all on her own, covered in pure white snow. She’s bold, beautiful and the pride of the country. And she’s notoriously shy, so catching a glimpse of her peeking out from behind the clouds is always a ‘wow’ moment.

On a very clear spring day, I travelled from Tokyo to the base of the mountain to a park called Hana no Miyako Koen. It was a mission and a half to get there – involving 3 trains, 1 bus and a whole lot of confusion – but once there, Fuji-san didn’t disappoint. The last time I was in this area it was so cloudy that we couldn’t see even one inch of the mountain. This time, though, every bump and crevice was visible. The zigzag trails stood out, and my mind immediately flashbacked to the summer of ’14 when some friends and I trekked up to the summit and back on those very trails.

The park was full of tulips in every colour under the rainbow. The pops of orange and purple and red were gorgeous. But with the tulips coming to the end of their season, it was the little nemophila that stole the show. You might remember my visit to the Hitachi Seaside Park where an entire hill is blanketed with blue nemophila. I didn’t realise there was a purple spotted variety, too. I loved how the spots created tiny love heart shapes on the petals. So sweet!

Hana no Miyako Koen is one of many parks around Mt Fuji. I think it’s awesome that there are people who have gone to so much effort to grow the flowers and create these ‘moments’ for the rest of us. How lucky are we!


22 thoughts on “Fuji x Flowers

    1. Which trail did you take? I took the Yoshida one starting from Subaru 5th station – I think that’s the most common route. You can see the ascending path just right of centre and the descending zigzag in the centre.


  1. This is awesome Celia and feast for eyes, such delight it takes the breath away…the snow capped mountain in the background is picture perfect…I’m lost in choosing the flowers from the basket of nature and I can feel the beauty so nicely captured by you…
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a lovely Sunday.


    1. Hi, Nihar! It was so cool to see the mountain so close (I’m used to seeing it 100km away in Tokyo city), and paired with the pretty flowers, it was beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend as well :)

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    1. Thanks so much, Senna! Yeah, they make quite the pair. The ultimate flower and Fuji combination would be with the cherry blossoms – I’ll try that one next year. Hope you get to see it for yourself one day!


  2. 可憐(かれん)な すいせんの花が 咲いている花壇(かだん)を 足元に見ながら、小道を
    歩いているうちに、ふと 目を上げて、青々とした丘の向こうに あの美しい富士山が
    見えたとき、その光景に はっと、感動しましたか。白と淡い青色の富士山が 遠くに 
    ほのぼのと 見えるのが さらに 好奇心(こうきしん)を そそりますね。もっと、富士山の
    近くに行ってみたいと、感じさせます。そして、ここで 花を造る人たちは、富士山を
    仰ぎ見ながら、花壇のお世話をしているのですね。ハートのついたネモフィラを おみやげに
    もらいましたか。押し花にして、ブックマークにしておきたいように かわいいです。


    1. ふもとの近くに行くと「うわー、本当にでかい!」という感じがしました。そして、カラフルな花と一緒に見えたことにすごく感動しましたよ!来年、ブックマークを作ってみます。それはいい考えですね!


  3. cheers to the folks who do spend the time to make parks like this – so very nice and your pictures are wonderful – I did not know she was shy – and hid behind clouds – that was fun to learn.

    one year when we lived in Denver – someone move3d out of their house after forty years – an older lady – and as surprise = I guess her family planted hundreds of tulips all around the lawn and walkway – and it was a fun show for everyone around. The lady was gone after that and the tulips came up the next two seasons, but were never the same as the first year – and then we moved – but tulips are a special flower and your second image was my fav… but all great shots – you take some artsy photos


    1. What a nice way to end 40 years in one house. It’s too bad she couldn’t enjoy them for longer! I always envy people who have a yard or balcony full of beautiful flowers and plants. I’m not too good at keeping potted plants alive, so I just stick to buying cut flowers and putting them in a vase, haha.
      Thanks for the comments on my photos! Much appreciated. :)

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      1. well thx for the reply – and I had a season of cut flowers and then had a season of planted ones (it was like my green thumb cam to me in my late 30’s) but now I have been enjoying cut flowers again – oh the joy they bring indoors….

        and 40 years – whew – cannot even imagine that


    1. Thanks, John! New for me, too. Being at this angle, it was the first time to notice the bulges on either side of the mountain. I always just thought it was a perfect cone shape the whole way round.


  4. Celia, wow these flowers are breathtaking with that glorious Mt. Fuji in the background. With all the confusion and hassles to get there, it must be so worth it upon your arrival. Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. It was beautiful! I don’t know what they grow other times of the year, but spring is definitely a good time to go. Have you travelled a lot in Japan?


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