WPC – Cherry On Top

It’s been a while since I joined in on the Weekly Photo Challenge, but I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s photos over the months. When I saw this week’s topic Cherry On Top, I thought of one thing:

Mount Fuji.

Besides the fact that it’s the symbol of Japan and a World Heritage Site, there’s something just so powerful and captivating about her. Fujisan is more often than not hidden behind clouds or a hazy sky, so any time you see her, you know it’s going to be a good day!

In spring, I went to the World Trade Centre observation deck for the first time as it’s known to be one of the best places to see Tokyo’s own symbol, Tokyo Tower. It had been raining earlier in the day, and I predicted the sunset was going to be a bit spectacular, as it often is after storm clouds have cleared.

My prediction was pretty on point! An amazing view of Tokyo Tower right there in front of us. A fiery sunset colouring the sky in reds, oranges and pinks. And the cherry on top, a perfectly clear view of Mt Fuji on the horizon.

TokyoMt FujiTokyoMt Fuji



12 thoughts on “WPC – Cherry On Top

  1. Beautiful sunset from the top of the World Trade Centre observation deck. Simply stunning. Blue hour also looks stunning. Great captures, and it must have been quiet a sight in real life :)


    1. Thanks Mabel! I was lucky to witness such a beautiful sight on my first (and only) visit to the WTC. And yeah, I imagine it’s quite different me looking at these pics as opposed to anyone else – hope the impressiveness comes through a little bit though!

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  2. 高層(こうそう)ビルのジャングルの遠くかなたに見える、山岳地帯(さんがくちたい)が 夕焼け空に シルエットとして見える光景は とても うつくしいです。
    そのシルエットの中に アイスクリームにのせたチェリーように かわいい富士山をみつけると、はっとして、感動します。富士山はシンボルだけでなく、都会に住む人たちの あこがれですね。


    1. 遠くから見ても富士山の形に間違いありません。いつも、どこからでもあの円錐形が見えたら、「あ!富士山だ!」と興奮してしいます。多くの人に愛されている山ですね!


  3. I felt the impressiveness – the fourth photo was my fav – so nice C!
    And my Fuji is a great cherry on top with all those lights – colors – structures- and vibe!
    Cool take on the wpc

    Oh and side note – thoughts and prayers are with all those grieving in Japan after the tragic incident with the disabled people – ;(


    1. Absolutely shocked by the incident. A very sad day. Japan is known to be a relatively safe country, but it looks like things are changing. What’s happening to our world?!

      Thank you~ Glad you felt the impressiveness! haha. I love the 4th pic, too, especially with the colour of the sky. Ahh, love love love sunsets… :)


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