WPC -Narrow

One of my favourite things about Japan are the narrow, atmospheric ‘yokochos’ filled with bars and restaurants. People wander these dimly-lit backstreets in search of a quiet (or loud) corner to drink and often stay til the wee hours of the morning. Some bars are so tiny that they can only seat 5 or 6 people. It’s a side of Japan that’s only visible at night – during the daytime, the shops are closed and there is almost no sign of life anywhere.

Weekly Photo Challenge: narrow.

20 thoughts on “WPC -Narrow

    1. Thanks Becky! They do look pretty quiet don’t they… They were all taken at different times during the night (or day, for one photo). I think everyone was just inside, rather than walking around outside.

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  1. Hi Celia,
    Yes those narrow lanes are always fascinating and the atmosphere in the evening is only enhanced by the lighting and signage, though maybe the signage is more fascinating to me because I can’t read most of them :). Love the shots and the memories.


    1. You’re spot on, there! So many different aspects make these laneways eye-catching. Similarly, I was fascinated by the streets of Hong Kong with all their neon signs and lights, though the streets are much wider there so doesn’t give that intimate feel.
      Cheers John!


  2. 柳(やなぎ)の並木道(なみきみち)にそって、提灯(ちょうちん)が ぶら下がっているのを
    みると、お祭りのような 陽気(ようき)さを 感じさせます。
    こんなに狭い道が お祭り気分の人たちで にぎやかになるのが 夜の飲み屋街ですね。
    セリアさんは 時々、バーでお酒を飲みながら、夜のにぎわいを 楽しみますか。 


    1. 一つびっくりしたのは、その静かな柳の並木道は世界最大の交差点から徒歩1分だけの場所です。


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