WPC – Mirror

Omotesando and Harajuku is an area that’s known to push the boundaries. In terms of fashion, basically anything and everything goes. People want to be noticed. Girls get scouted by modelling agencies. What’s seen on the streets here often turns into the next trend.

Not only fashion, but the sleekest pieces of modern architecture are found here. Some of the most famous buildings are Hugo Boss’ hourglass-shaped store, the Audi Forum “iceberg”, Prada’s bubble glass building, the Sunny Hills wooden lattice building, and my personal favourite, Tokyu Plaza’s 3-storey high entrance made with hundreds of tilted, triangular mirrors.

Tokyu Plaza is a shopping complex which was unveiled in 2012 and raised the bar for all future architects. Riding the escalator at the entrance is like being inside a life-size kaleidoscope. Every person is reflected half a dozen times, sometimes walking upside down, sometimes sideways, and appearing and disappearing like magic. It’s mesmerising. Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura, it was created to be an art experience that is forever changing depending on the people around it, the season, weather and time.

Tokyo Plaza

Tokyu Plaza

Tokyu Plaza

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

18 thoughts on “WPC – Mirror

  1. Celis, once again a great article. I have been to many of the places you talk about but could never put into words what I see the way you do. Great job and keep them coming. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jeff! It’s definitely a challenge describing a place in a way that people who’ve never been can picture it, but it’s what I love doing :) Glad you enjoyed the post!


  2. 季節、天気、時間の移(うつ)り変わりを 映(うつ)し出す カライドスコープを見ながら、 変転(へんてん)する 人生を 楽しむのも いいですね。そして 割(わ)れたガラス窓
    (まど)から 覗(のぞ)いてみる むこうの人や車の光景は 別(べつ)世界のようです。
    いつまでも カライドスコープの世界で 夢をみたい気持がします。 


    1. 面白いですよね!一年を通して、この「万華鏡」がいろんな場面を映し出します。そこへ、クリスマスの時期に行くのが特に好きです。


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