A to Z: 2016 Review

It’s a bit late but, Happy New Year! How is it already the end of January?

For my 2016 review post, I thought I’d change it up again and sort my fave memories according to the letters of the alphabet. I love doing these yearly wrap up posts as I get to look back at all of the awesome places I got to visit and fun activities I got to take part in, and share them with you in one go.

2016 was another huge year. My workload at work increased and throughout the year I did a few odd jobs, but I made sure to squeeze in a fair chunk of ‘play’ time to balance out all of that ‘work’ time. Even now, the past 12 months is all a bit of a blur but I managed to narrow down 26 noteworthy occasions.

My 2016, from A to Z:

A… is for Aizu’s old post town of Ouchijuku


B… is for treasure hunting at the Boroichi Market

Boro-ichi Market

C… is for carp streamers along the Sagami River

Sagami River

D… is for deer encounters in Nara

Todaiji Temple

E… is for the black eggs of Owakudani


F… is for Fujisan (of course)

Hananomiyako Park

G… is for pampas grass at SengokuharaSengokuhara

H… is for Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle

I… is for Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho Onsen

J… is for the Japan Alps


K… is for Kyoto


L… is for limestone caves in Ryusendo

Ryusendo Caves

M… is for momijigari (maple leaf hunting) at Kawaguchiko


N… is for Nozawa Onsen ski resort

Nozawa Onsen

O… is for Okinawa


P… is for pottery at Morioka Handi-Works Square

Morioka Handi-Works

Q… is for quarrel >> floats ‘fighting’ at Kawagoe Festival (Q is difficult!)

Kawagoe Festival

R… is for rafting in Okutama


S… is for seafood on Sado Island

Sado Island

T… is for a tunnel of cherry blossoms in Tokyo


U… is for the Odawara Ume (plum blossom) Festival


V… is for volcanic gases at Hakone


W… is for outdoor sumo wrestling at Hachimangu Shrine

Hachimangu Shrine

X… is for the xmas market at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Redbrick Warehouse

Y… is for Lake Yamanakako


Z… is for Zao Fox Village

Zao Fox Village

Thank you to all of you who have read, liked and commented on my blog in 2016. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about Japan and get to see some of these places for yourself if you haven’t already! Till next time.


21 thoughts on “A to Z: 2016 Review

  1. Very nice Celia-san. Always enjoy your posts. I envy you living in Japan. I go to Japanese classes every Sunday in Melbourne’s Chinatown. At present writing music in a Japanese style and hoping one day to share my life with a Japanese woman and friends. Do miss living in Tokyo.

    Right now I have a new job as a senior Landscape Architect, so for now going back to Japan will be for holidays only.


    Michael Stitt MLA PIA AILA

    Landscape Architect + Urban Planner

    Web: http://www.michael-stitt.com



    1. Thanks, Michael! I hope you get to live in Japan again. You must love the gardens here too, since you’re a landscape architect. Perhaps you can continue that work here?


  2. 今、中国の新年のお祝いが あちこちで あっていますね。新年明けまして おめでとうございます。
    私は 昨年のお正月を長崎で迎え、2月に長崎ランタン祭りも 見ることができました。今年の中国の
    新年祝賀を メルボルンで 少し見物しました。今年も セリアさんのブログを見るのを 楽しみにして
    います。昨年のハイライト、A-Zアルバムを見せてもらって、とても うれしいです。すばらしい!


    1. 東京では中国の新年のお祝いがあまり見られません。たぶん、横浜中華街しか見られないのでしょう。



    1. Hi John – Happy New Year, and I hope you have an awesome 2017!

      I was hoping no one would ask that!! Haha. I thought it through and honestly can’t choose just one. Top 6, though, would be my Kyoto-Nara-Himeji cherry blossoms trip, Fukushima trip, Tohoku roadtrip, Okinawa, snowboarding at Nozawa Onsen, and seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom around Tokyo.


        1. Actually, Kyoto-Nara-Himeji was the first to come to mind, too. It was a pretty epic solo trip, and if the cherry blossoms had been in full bloom it would have been #1 for sure. Admittedly, some of my other top trips were memorable not only for the places themselves but the people I was travelling with!


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