Sakura & Co.

The 2017 sakura season is officially under way in Tokyo!

It’s been quite cold and rainy lately, so it feels like the transition from winter to spring has been very long. Despite the weather, people have been out in droves. Wherever there are cherry blossoms, there are people – under it, around it, standing back and admiring from afar. Thankfully, you will never find anyone actually ‘in’ it! For one, they don’t make good climbing trees, plus I’d be too worried about all those delicate petals.

The majority of flowers should be in full bloom by the end of the week. But of course, there are late blooming varieties which will bloom later in April, so a lot to look forward to. Always such an exciting time!

While the sakura outside are just beginning to say hello to the world, one thing we have been able to enjoy for the past few weeks, is all of the sakura-themed products. The stores have been full of sakura ice creams, sakura drinks, sakura snacks, sakura everything! It’s such a treat to be able to eat sakura flowers!

Just for fun, here are a few items you can only get your hands on this time of year. And what better place to enjoy them than while outside admiring the blossoms; sakura and sakura, my favourite collaboration!

Sakura sweets
Baskin Robbins sakura ice cream
Sakura sweets
Sakura mochi
Sakura sweets
Suntory beer sakura design
Sakura sweets
Starbucks sakura latte
Sakura mochi
Sakura sweets
Kawazu sakura taiyaki
Sakura sweets
Sakura icing rice cracker
Sakura sweets
Starbucks sakura frappuccino

And sometimes, you can even find actual sakura petals in food. They’re often pickled, so they taste quite salty.

Sakura sweets
Sakura dorayaki
Sakura sweets
Magnolia Bakery sakura cupcakes

How good do those cupcakes look! There are so many different snacks, drinks and meals featuring the cherished sakura. The funny thing is, it’s hard to describe exactly what ‘sakura flavour’ tastes like. It’s like trying to describe a colour – it’s bright yet warm? Depending on how it’s been prepared, sakura can be salty or sweet. In general though, I find it’s got very soft and subtle after-taste. It’s not florally or overpowering at all. Perhaps something like creamy vanilla?

Have you ever eaten something sakura-flavoured – how would you describe it?

9 thoughts on “Sakura & Co.

  1. You made me hungry :) Love love love this time of year, not only because of the beauty of the trees, but also because of the unique seasonal treats. Sakura eclairs and wine are my favorite, especially when it comes with a flower floating inside the bottle!


  2. Hi Celia,
    Yes it is a great time of year where you are. Lucky it’s a short season though, as I don’t think the sakura diet is all that healthy. I only tried sakura ice cream and buns, but didn’t really pick-up any strong taste sensations. However, I’m not a foodie at the best of times. Enjoy the season :).


    1. That is so true – it’s mostly all just sugar! Yeah, like you experienced with the sakura ice cream and buns, I don’t think sakura foods have much of a strong flavour. I’m curious to know how cooks and food companies describe sakura products they make.


  3. Oh, gosh, what Sakura fun! Thanks for sharing the asides to it..if we can ever visit at the right time we now know what to expect and look forward to…!


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