Oasis in Omotesando

A while back, I heard about this really intriguing concept cafe in Omotesando. It was a cafe inside a flower shop, but it wasn’t just a few tables thrown in amongst buckets of cut flowers. It went a step further and I was eager to see it for myself. As soon as I laid eyes on this little oasis, I knew it was going to become one of my favourite cafes in Tokyo.

Aoyama FlowerAoyama Flower

After walking through the well-known flower shop, Aoyama Flower Market, you arrive at what looks like the doors to the fanciest greenhouse you’ve ever seen, but on the glass entrance are the words Aoyama Flower Market Tea House. The cafe is almost completely hidden from the street, and feels like you’ve stumbled upon one of the best kept secrets in the city.

Entering the tea house, it feels like you’re stepping into a giant sized bouquet. Everywhere you look, there are cut flowers and potted plants. Ferns cascade down from the ceiling like water tumbling down a waterfall. Vases of single carnations sit on every table. Each week, a different flower is featured, changing the vibe entirely. All the more reason to keep going back.

One of the unique features of the tea house is the row of glass tables in the centre of the cafe. Running under them is a long plant box, so if you snag a table there, you’re more or less dining on a garden bed!

Aoyama Flower

The side walls of the cafe feature red bricks and gardening equipment that make it look as though you’re in someone’s backyard gardening shed and at the same time, making the space super cozy and inviting. I also liked the spot lights on the ceiling and black framing on the tables and chairs which add a touch of sophistication. Meanwhile, natural light floods in through the big, glass windows that fill the back wall of the cafe. On the other side of the windows is an enclosed, outdoor garden covered in vines. You wouldn’t know you’re sitting above Omotesando Station in one of the busiest areas of Tokyo!

Aoyama FlowerAoyama FlowerAoyama Flower

On the menu is a selection of fresh herb teas, regular teas, light meals and scrumptious sweets. The cutlery comes on a tray with a tiny vase of flowers. The teas come with a cute little sand timer to let you know how long to brew it. I feel like one of the best points about this place is their attention to detail. Seriously the little things make a big difference!

Everything I’ve had here is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tasted so good that I had to stop myself from scoffing it all down but rather take my time to savour the flavours. My suggestion is to choose one of the herb teas – either the ‘refresh tea’ which is a blend of rosemary, lemongrass, lemon balm, spearmint and apple mint; or the ‘relax tea’ which consists of oregano, lemon balm, lemongrass, dandelion and spearmint.

If you’ve got some time on your hands and room in your stomach, also grab both a meal and dessert. I can vouch for open sandwich made of egg, potato, onion, avocado and cheese, sprinkled with rosemary – delicious combination! The Flower Parfait is one of the prettiest desserts I’ve eaten. It comes in an elegant glass bowl and is made of rose jelly, cherry mousse, berries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake and corn flakes, topped with rose petals. All the different textures were so interesting to eat together.

Aoyama FlowerAoyama FlowerAoyama FlowerAoyama FlowerAoyama FlowerAoyama Flower

The Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is a gem… a very popular gem. Try to go during the ‘between meal’ times, and preferably on a weekday, otherwise you might have to wait about 45 minutes to be seated. Though, I would probably be willing to wait that long because it is so worth it!


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