To Market, to Market

There’s less than one week till Christmas! I hope everyone is ready… presents bought and wrapped, Christmas tree up, ugly Christmas sweater (that you secretly love) waiting to be worn! Isn’t it just the best time of the year?

One of things I love about celebrating Christmas in the northern hemisphere are the Christmas markets. I got my first taste of authentic German-style markets last winter when I visited the Czech Republic and Hungary. Despite the freezing outdoor temps, the markets were full of warmth and coziness. Held in the centre of the town, people seemed to come not only to shop but just to socialize with friends. Personally, I couldn’t stop drinking hot chocolates and mulled wine and eating trdelník (or kürtőskalács) pastries!

Christmas markets have been gaining popularity over the past few years in Tokyo. Some of the more well known ones can be found at:

Roppongi Hills…

Ebisu Garden Place…

And the Red Brick Warehouse (in Yokohama)…

But my favourite – and in my opinion, the best – is the Tokyo Christmas Market at Hibiya Park.

It’s the largest of all the markets in Tokyo, making it a fun way to spend a whole evening. There are loads of stalls selling gorgeous wooden toys, ornaments, stollen bread, sausages, eggnog, hot cocoa, etc. There’s also a huge, heated marquee where you can escape the cold while enjoying some live entertainment.

Take a look for yourself!






7 thoughts on “To Market, to Market

  1. Happy Christmas Celia,
    As always I’ve enjoyed your blogs this year and look forward to many more in 2018. I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Oh and don’t forget Santa’s milk and cookies :).


    1. I will be in Nagano having a white Christmas this year. Will be sure to leave the goodies out for Santa in case he makes it out this way :)

      Thank you very much, John. Best wishes for the new year!


    1. Happy Holidays, Hien!

      The markets seem a little out of place in Japan, being a generally non-Christmas country and all, but they’ve adapted it to suit them and it seems to be very popular!


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