Brunch at Stall Nakameguro

It really is true what they say about spring. It brings the best changes!

In the past few days, we’ve started feeling the first signs of spring in Tokyo. After a colder than usual winter that brought some very snowy days, we had our first ‘warm’ day of the year last week. It feels so good to be outside when it’s sunny and 20 degrees! I just want to spread my arms and soak up all of that Vitamin D.

As most of you have probably figured out, I adore flowers and could happily spend a whole day in a park or garden. After enduring dark, icy days for over two months, seeing the first buds open gives us a little lift to get us through the rest of winter. People’s moods seem brighter. They smile more. They even talk more!

Right now, the plum blossoms, winter cherry blossoms and kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I went to a couple of small local parks in Nakameguro – Sugekari Park and Saigoyama park – to enjoy the flowers while they last! Ume (plum blossom) flowers are so compact and cute, and smell so lovely. I wonder if an ume-scented perfume exists…?

In a sea of dark pinks, light pinks and whites, I found my new favourite ume colour: peach. It was my first time to come across this juicy colour and I so badly wanted to snap off a few flowers to take home!

Around the corner from these parks is a gorgeous restaurant where some friends and I went for brunch.

Stall is a medium-sized restaurant within a building called The Works that also houses a cafe, event space for exhibitions and wedding receptions, and offices. The restaurant and cafe are on the ground floor and look out over the beautiful Meguro River canal. At the end of March, the canal explodes with colour as the cherry blossoms bloom. It’s one of the most popular sakura spots in Tokyo, and I’d say the best area to dine out in spring.

Nakameguro is an upper-class district where every shop, house, and even park is elegant and sophisticated. So it’s no wonder Stall is a trendy place to hang out. I loved the soft light that flooded in through the huge glass windows. It must be so lovely to eat here when the cherry blossoms are in bloom! As if reciprocating the light, the decor is just as beautiful – earthy brown chairs, light grey concrete walls, wood tables each with a vase of dainty flowers. The food is served on soft grey and dusty red ceramic plates. The whole place is very photogenic.

As I scanned the weekend brunch menu, my eyes kept going back to one item in particular: crème brûlée pancakes. Two of the best desserts – one a family classic and one usually found in a high-end restaurant. How could anyone resist that? It came with a little jar of syrup and was served with cream and sprinkled with berries, banana slices, crushed pistachios and petals. Sound divine? It was! I had to stop myself from scoffing down the whole thing and ordering another! The caramel crust and soft pancake were an amazing combination. Highly recommended.

The Works NakameguroThe Works Nakameguro

The Works NakameguroThe Works Nakameguro

The Works Nakameguro

If you want to check this restaurant out for yourself, you can browse their menu and book a table on their website >> The Works Tokyo

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    1. We’re in that crossover stage where some days are spring-like and others, like today, are so cold my nose could fall off! But definitely not as cold as where you are!

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