A Brilliant Midsummer’s Night in Adachi

Summers in Tokyo are notoriously hot and humid with heat waves lasting weeks at a time. While all you want to do during the day is stay inside to escape the heat, the nights, on the other hand, entice us out with promises of some of the year’s most exciting events.

Tokyo’s summer calendar is packed with matsuri (festivals), odori (dances) and hanabi taikai (fireworks). Every weekend—and on many weekday nights—you have the option of going to numerous local or city-wide festivities. It’s just a matter of choosing where you want to go and what you want to do!

Adachi fireworks

Adachi Fireworks Festival kicked off Tokyo’s 2018 fireworks season on July 21st, this year celebrating their 40th annual show. It’s one of the biggest and most popular fireworks shows, along with the Katsushika Fireworks (July 24th), Sumidagawa Fireworks (July 28th), Edogawa Fireworks and Itabashi Fireworks (both August 4th).

Over 600,000 people pack both sides of the Arakawa River for the free, one-hour show. As the fireworks are shot up into the sky, the crowd goes wild, clapping and cheering! The atmosphere is electric and you can’t help but smile. It’s amazing how much happiness fireworks bring people!

Adachi fireworksReserve your spot early with a picnic sheetAdachi fireworksEnjoying the view of Tokyo Skytree and a beautiful sunset while we wait

This year’s show was split into five segments, celebrating the past four decades since the inaugural show. In the segment about the 70s and 80s, there were lots of criss-cross comets, huge sparkling spheres, millions of crackling sparks, and shells in the shape of mushrooms, hearts and smiley faces.

In Part 3 (the 90s), we saw stunning cascading fireworks that seemed to last forever as they gracefully fell down to earth. And one of the highlights of the whole show – the ‘Double Niagara’ where fireworks form a massive burning curtain along two lines.

Part 4 (the 2000s) was designed to feel like a party! The fireworks were wild and flashed in the sky like disco balls. Part way through, everyone in the crowd took out their glow sticks and waved them about as the fireworks were combined with laser beams and dance music. So much fun – and so well organised!

And lastly, Part 5 was dedicated to the future. I was in awe of the elegant ‘weeping cherry blossoms’ fireworks and the mammoth ‘chrysanthemum’ fireworks that filled the entire sky. It was an epic first fireworks show of the year! I can’t wait for the next one!

Adachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksDouble Niagara Adachi fireworksAdachi fireworksA sea of glow sticksAdachi fireworksLet’s get this party started!Adachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworksAdachi fireworks

What are some memorable fireworks shows you’ve enjoyed in the past?

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25 thoughts on “A Brilliant Midsummer’s Night in Adachi

  1. しだれ桜と菊の花を組み合わせた第五幕では、来年四月の天皇退位式と五月の即位式の準備として、日本の伝統美の雰囲気を醸(かも)し出したのかもしれませんね。第三幕に現れた二段作りのナイアガラ滝の情景はまれにみるもので、さぞかし観客を魅了したことでしょう。セリアさんにとって、第四幕のデスコパーティーが一番たのしかったですか。一時間も続いた花火大会を満喫できてよかったですね。


    1. そうですね、第4幕のが一番楽しかった〜 やはり私はパーティーが好きな人です(笑)足立は家から遠いのに、行った甲斐がありました。素晴らしい花火大会でした!


    1. Oh cool!! That was nice of your friends! I wasn’t with a big group, so was able to find a good spot pretty easily. I’m going to try go to the Sumidagawa hanabi this weekend – not sure if I’ll have the same luck this time though.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Anthony! Honestly, I took so many photos and many didn’t turn out too well haha. I have a basic mirrorless camera, and shot using bulb mode, aperture f/7 – f/9, ISO 100 or 200.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Suzanne, have you thought about house sitting in Japan? It’s not a common thing to do among the Japanese, but I’m sure there’d be some opportunities!


  2. Great display and well captured Celia. The profile on pic 6 reminded me of the Sydney Opera House – can you see it? Memorable firework displays … two come to mind. Once in Singapore I was having dinner in a restaurant at the top of a high tower and it was a different experience being above the displays. The other was a New Years display in Perth viewed from an apartment balcony right on the Swan River, where some of the displays looked as if they were targeted on the balcony. Enjoy the rest of Tokyo’s summer delights and tell us about them. … Cheers!


    1. Ahh yes I didn’t notice before but I see it now! Both of those experiences sound amazing…! Were the fireworks reflected on the river in Perth? I’d love to see that.


  3. That is among the most impressive fireworks shows I’ve ever seen on the internet! My only experience watching such show with my own eyes is the Chinese New Year fireworks in Hong Kong a few years ago. Despite the crowd, it was such a spectacular show!


    1. What a compliment!! Haha… thank you, Bama, though I’m not sure I’d agree!
      I was in Hong Kong for the NYE fireworks a few years back – it was fun but sooo packed, so I can just imagine what it would be like during CNY. Good memories though, right?!


  4. Fabulous! Fireworks seem to get more spectacular year on year, don’t they? :) :) There was a small but very colourful display rounding off a Saint’s Day festival in Tavira when we were there in June. Seems ages ago now. :(


    1. They definitely do seem to get more and more spectacular! The creativity and talent of pyrotechnicians is incredible. Watching fireworks in Tavira sounds fabulous, too. What a beautiful location for a show!

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  5. What a wonderful display, reminds me of my childhood growing up in Brisbane … on Guy Fawkes night every second was stimulating to watch and judging by all the “OOhhh’s” & “AAhhhaaa’s” , the spectators were just as enthralled.



    1. Guy Fawkes night… had to look that up – but wow, looks very interesting! How funny that people celebrate a guy who tried to blow up parliament!!


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