Tokyo’s Chic Treehouse Cafe

Located between Ebisu and Roppongi, Hiroo is the perfect mix of its two more prominent neighbours. It has a trendy, upscale vibe and a strong international presence due to all the embassies in the area. There are also always lots of children about who attend the local Japanese and international schools. Hiroo’s buzzing energy makes it a great place to hang out!

One of Hiroo’s best hang out spots is the hidden gem, Les Grands Arbres. From the outside, Les Grands Arbres looks like your childhood dream come true. I’d say all the kids who pass by this place must stare up in amazement. A grand old tree rises way above the four-level building, its branches stretching out over the road like an giant umbrella. Potted plants and light bulbs hang all around. And nestled up in the canopy, you’ll find the most adorable treehouse. The shape reminded me of a chimney from a fairytale house, and I could just imagine all sorts of mythical creatures swinging on the branches and peeking through the leaves. It was like the book “Where the Wild Things Are” had come alive.

Les Grands Arbres

The ground floor of this magical building is home to Fleur Universelle, a gorgeous flower shop full of bouquets, ornaments and greenery. Flowers spill out onto the front porch and you can’t help but be drawn in to this miniature secret garden.

Heading up the narrow indoor staircase will take you to the cafe, Les Grands Arbres. Soft lights shine on the beautiful wooden planks that cover the walls and floor. The timber furniture and green plants give the space an earthy, organic feel. Meanwhile, the branches of the giant tree fill the panoramic windows, letting you feel like you’re dining with the birds. 

Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres

Continuing up, you come to the top floor – a rooftop terrace like no other. It’s literally a garden cafe, in a treetop, four floors up! The waiting time to get a seat here tends to be a little longer (we put our names down and went back 30 minutes later), but it’s definitely worth it. When it’s warm and sunny, it’s so nice to be able to sit outside. And for colder days, they have heater stands and blankets all prepared. It’s a rare thing in Tokyo to be able to dine outside without having to see traffic flying by just metres away.

Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres

The menu at Les Grands Arbres isn’t too extensive, but everything is healthy and delicious. There is a lot of typical deli food like salads, soups, focaccias, and salmon. A decent dessert menu includes drool-worthy pancakes, cakes and tartes. And then they have all the usual drinks, including some fancy cocktails. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends!

Les Grands Arbres
Les Grands Arbres

For more info about this little treasure, check out their website >


29 thoughts on “Tokyo’s Chic Treehouse Cafe

  1. Celia-san … another of your gems. Every day opens a new discovery. How blessed you are.
    Now … how’s that coffee table travel book coming along. You now have enough material for an encyclopaedia !!!


  2. Another great reveal Celia – thank you. However, to truly engage one’s inner child a treehouse cafe should have buttered bread with sprinkles on the menu. Maybe take your own sprinkles next time and see if you can start a craze haha. If I don’t comment again before Christmas, thanks for your posts on Japan. They never fail to either activate memories or have be adding to growing list of places to visit. I also like how your affinity for your adopted city comes through in your posts and I am already looking forward to reading your 2019 posts. My best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas Celia and a wonderful New Year.


    1. Merry Christmas to you too, John! Hope you’re enjoying the end of 2018.

      Haha, I will take sprinkles next time for sure!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen fairy bread in Japan before. You might be onto something good there :)

      Liked by 1 person

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