A Hero from the Rubble

This is such a great story, I had to share it…

Yuzuru_Hanyu-Sochi_2014Image by David W. Carmichael


Japan’s newest hero is Yuzuru Hanyu: the first Japanese man to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics figure skating! He has won the hearts of many with his boyish charm and cute nature. Who will ever forget his “oh my god!” reaction to finding out his result?! My high school students idolize him. The girls talk about him with so much excitement, pride and what I call “love eyes”. Some of my students have already started putting his picture on their notebooks, alongside the One Direction boys!

Hanyu is a 19-year-old from Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. On March 11, 2011, he had been at practice when the earthquake struck. The rink he trained at was damaged, as was his home, and he spent the days following the quake at an emergency shelter. Miyagi was the hardest hit, being the closest prefecture to the epicenter. Thousands lost their lives, and the ones who survived were left traumatized by the event. At one point, Hanyu even thought about giving up skating. But such is human nature; we don’t just want to survive, we want to succeed. The devastation of that day eventually turned into motivation to win. And in turn, his win has inspired a country. We hope the people of Tohoku especially, have been encouraged even just a little bit, and can be proud that their son has triumphed. Just goes to show, there are no excuses!

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Weather Forecasting, Japan Style

Take a look at this weather forecast…tenki-japan

This is weather forecasting, Japan style. You may have noticed it’s a little different. You’re probably wondering what are those strange pink ‘clouds’??

Well, get ready for it, this is what’s called the ‘Laundry Index’. It’s for all those hard-working people around the country who need to know on which day their laundry will dry the quickest, so they don’t come home to a clothes line full of half-soaked clothes.

And yes, I know you’re not silly, those pink things are not actually clouds, but T-shirts – cute, pink T-shirts. One T-shirt means there’s a less than 30% chance of your clothes drying outside… so, it’s best to either hang your laundry inside, or just put it off for another day. On the other end of the scale, five T-shirts mean it’s gonna be a beautiful day, so there’s a 90~100% chance of even thick clothes like jeans drying thoroughly!

Here’s a closer look at Tokyo’s forecast for today. At the top is the index for Monday (today) and Tuesday (tomorrow), then underneath is the rest of the week until Sunday.


Damn, looks like I should have done my laundry today. Oops!

Aside from the Laundry Index, weather sites also report on other necessary indexes.

For example, there’s the Going Out Index, which tells you if the day’s conditions are suitable or not for going out and about. This time it’s a cute yellow hat, with red ribbon. If you hadn’t caught on by now, this website is really aimed at females. I love the advice on this one… five hats means 一日いい天気、どこでもGO!  = It’ll be beautiful weather, so GO ANYWHERE!


There’s the Clothing Index. Hmm, do I need long-sleeves today, or is a T-shirt OK??


There’s the Car Washing Index. How quickly will my car dry after I wash it????
This is a serious one.


And finally, this one I swear you would not be able to find in any country other than Japan… the Beer Index. On what day will I best enjoy my beer? On a one-beer day, it’s gonna taste pretty average. On a three-beer day, it’s gonna taste gooooood. On a five-beer day, it’s gonna blow my mind!


Looks like everyday is a good beer day. Yes! :-)

These images were taken from tenki.jp 

Welcome to “Celia in Tokyo”!

It was my 2 year anniversary in Japan on Monday! Seriously can’t believe how fast time flies. Two good years in Nagoya; now for a big change…

I’m not quite IN Tokyo yet, but I am looking forward to documenting things here and there about my new life.

Please leave a message if you find anything interesting! Happy reading!!