Spring Hiking at South Takao

Happy Earth Day! On Sunday, the hiking/charity group I’ve joined for the past five years, went on a 15km hike along the South Takao Ridge. It’s been a while since I did a solid hike, and what better time to get back into it than a day dedicated to spreading awareness of the need to protect and preserve the world we live in. Continue reading “Spring Hiking at South Takao”


Tokyo’s Adorable Animal Cafes

The animal cafe craze in Japan doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, I think they’re getting more and more creative, each time making our eyebrows raise a little bit more. Continue reading “Tokyo’s Adorable Animal Cafes”

Spring Day Trips from Tokyo

After the whirlwind cherry blossom season has swept across Tokyo, leaving only fond memories of streets blanketed in pink and perhaps a throbbing head from one too many drunken hanami parties, we remember that a world does indeed exist outside of our beloved city. Continue reading “Spring Day Trips from Tokyo”

Five Days in Sakura Paradise

I don’t recall ever experiencing a cherry blossom season that came as quickly—and ended just as quickly—as this year’s. Since we had an extremely cold winter, I couldn’t believe it when the Japan Meteorological Corp announced in February that the first buds were forecast to open on March 17th. Usually cold weather prolongs their dormancy, and I had expected a late-March start date. Continue reading “Five Days in Sakura Paradise”

8 Reasons to Love Shinjuku Gyoen

I’ve been to Shinjuku Gyoen so many times in the 5 years I’ve been living in Tokyo that it almost feels like I’m arriving home when I walk through the park entrance gates. It’s become a very familiar place. From the cherry blossom season and hot summer days, to the vibrant red autumn leaves and snow-filled lawns, I’ve experienced it all at this park. It’s a great place to go whether you’re on your own, with friends, babysitting kids or even on a date! Continue reading “8 Reasons to Love Shinjuku Gyoen”