Sky-high Dining

It’s one thing eating at a high class restaurant.

It’s a whole other thing eating at a high class restaurant, overlooking the vast expanse of a mega-city!

Tokyo has such a demanding presence. As my friend and I sat down, I felt like we were joined by a third ‘person’: the city. It was impossible not to constantly look out at the world below. We were captivated by the glowing sunset with the always-impressive Mt Fuji peaking up over the clouds on the horizon. Red warning lights twinkled on the tops of buildings. To the left, Tokyo Tower was shining bright. Down below, ferries and boats were going up and down the Sumida River. Soccer practice was just wrapping up on a sports field. The streams of traffic was endless. So many lives. So many stories.

What a view!
What a view!

Sky Restaurant Musashi is headed by Naoya Makimura, a former master chef at Paul Bocuse. His experimental-style menu was amazing, as expected. My favourite would have to be a very unusual layered ‘dish’ which accompanied the tilefish entree. I can’t remember what was in all of the layers, but the combination of textures and flavours just worked! It was sublime. The champagne shaved ice for dessert was surprising, too, and left me wanting more!

So, another excellent restaurant tried and (taste)tested. Only about 50,000 to go!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

This post is in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “nighttime“.


This is the Otaru Canal, in the old port city of Otaru, one of the most famous scenes in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. At nighttime, the reflection in the water is so clear that it looks like there’s an underwater city! So beautiful and romantic! The canal was created in the 1920s to transport products from ships to the stone warehouses along the waterway. Now, it’s just a tourist attraction, and the warehouses have been converted into various businesses.

Otaru Canal Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal