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Japan is made up of thousands of islands divided into 47 prefectures and 9 regions.

There are four main islands: Honshu is the largest and home to the nation’s capital, Hokkaido is to the north, Kyushu to the south and Shikoku the smallest of the four. Further south are the subtropical islands of Okinawa.

So far, I’ve travelled through { 38 } prefectures! Aside from my home prefecture, Tokyo, my favourites are Nagano (nature), Kyoto (traditional Japan), Okinawa (island life), and Nagasaki (Portuguese and Dutch influence). I would recommend all of these in a heartbeat!


Each region offers something different, whether it be snowy mountains, a desert, ancient rainforest, surf, historical shrines and temples, farmhouse villages or cityscapes. There’s so much to discover and so much to enjoy!

Whether you’re planning a trip and wanting to know what’s on offer in the different parts of the country, or are just generally interested in knowing more about Japan, I hope you’ll find this page useful.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride from the top to bottom of Japan.


Sapporo Snow Festival

Food & Skiing

Otaru Canal







☆ Iwate & Miyagi: Sanriku Coast

☆ Fukushima: Aizu-Wakamatsu & Surrounds

☆ Fukushima: Miharu Cherry Blossom Tree







☆ Tochigi: Oku-Nikko

☆ Tochigi: Nikko in Autumn

☆ Tochigi: Nikko Shrines & Temples (coming soon!)

☆ Gunma: Fukiware Falls & Ikaho Onsen

☆ Saitama: Kinchakuda Spider Lilies Park

☆ Saitama: Kawagoe Festival

☆ Ibaraki: Hitachi Seaside Park Spring and Autumn

☆ Chiba: Mt Nokogiri

☆ Tokyo: Mt Takao

☆ Tokyo: Showa Kinen Park Autumn(1)Autumn(2) and Spring

☆ Tokyo: Sagamihara Carp Streamers

☆ Tokyo: Okutama Rafting

☆ Kanagawa: Hakone’s Le Petit Prince Museum

☆ Kanagawa: Miura Peninsula

☆ Kanagawa: Kamakura

For TOKYO INNER CITY > select “Tokyo City” in the Categories drop-down menu on the right.


☆ Niigata: Sado Island

☆ Niigata: Fuji Rock Music Festival

☆ Niigata: Tokamachi Snow Festival

☆ Toyama: Snow Wall & Tateyama Alpine Route

☆ Toyama: Kurobe Gorge

☆ Ishikawa: Kenrokuen Garden

☆ Gifu: Shirakawago Village in Autumn and Summer (coming soon!)

☆ Gifu: Takayama in Autumn

☆ Nagano: Karuizawa Autumn and Summer

☆ Nagano: Kamikochi

☆ Nagano: Hakuba in Autumn

☆ Nagano: Snow Monkeys

☆ Nagano: Tsumago to Magome (Kiso Valley)

☆ Nagano: Matsumoto

☆ Yamanashi: Lake Kawaguchi

☆ Yamanashi: Mt Matsuda Cherry Blossoms

☆ Yamanashi: Lake Yamanaka Tulip Garden

☆ Yamanashi: Foothills of Mt Fuji

☆ Shizuoka: Climbing Mt Fuji

☆ Shizuoka: Kawazu Cherry Blossoms


☆ Kyoto: Spring and Autumn

☆ Kyoto: Gion Festival (coming soon!)

☆ Nara: Deer Park

☆ Wakayama: Mt Koya (coming soon!)

☆ Hyogo: Himeji Castle

☆ Mie: Ise Grand Shrine





☆ Okayama: Kurashiki Canal Town









☆ Tokushima: Iya Valley









☆ Nagasaki: Peace Park

☆ Nagasaki: City Highlights (coming soon!)

☆ Miyazaki: Coast Trip (coming soon!)

☆ Oita: Beppu (coming soon!)







Naha Main Island

Ishigaki Island & Taketomi Island

Iriomote Island






If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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