A Spring Adventure: Tateyama Alpine Route

I was in a dream, standing on a vast plateau of snow, 2.5km above sea level, looking up to Mount Tate (3015m) and the surrounding alps. In every direction, as far (and high) as the eye could see, there was blinding ‘whiteness’. Snow-covered mountains sparkled under the bright sun. Clouds, although deceivingly soft and delicate looking, would roll by at such a high pace that in a matter of minutes, the striking blue sky would be smothered in a complete white-out.

On one side of the plateau, the mountains reached up to the heavens. Though, with no trees to contrast against the white slopes, it was hard to grasp just how massive these mountains were. It wasn’t until I discovered that those tiny black moving dots on the side of the mountain were actually skiers, that I realised the true scale! By the way, this is no ski resort… there are no ski lifts. The only way to ski down the mountain, is to first trek to the top! Those guys are tough!! I love snow sports, but that is taking it to whole other level!

The opposite side of the plateau is where most visitors tend to go. Beyond a pretty crater lake (which is frozen and covered in snow until June) and ‘Hell Valley’ where volcanic gas constantly billows out of the ground, there is actually a ryokan hotel with restaurant and indoor hot springs. It seemed a bit weird to see a man-made object plonked in the middle of the natural surrounds, but where there are people, there will be buildings!

Besides all of that, however, is something that stands on its own as the main attraction. Something that had been on my bucket list for ages, and is the reason I came to know about the whole place… The Tateyama Snow Corridor! After five months of closure during winter, a winding road is dug out and cleared for the opening of the alpine route which is only accessible from April to November. At the highest point near the Murodo Plateau, the snow on either side of the road can reach up to 20m! The walls I saw were only 13m tall, but still very impressive!

Here we go!

After an overnight bus ride from Tokyo, we went from Toyama city to Tateyama Station via the Toyama Chiho Railroad and Tateyama Cable Car. Beautiful rivers and so much green!

The next leg is from Tateyama Station to Murodo Plateau via Tateyama Highland Bus. Travel through a cedar forest full of ancient trees and wild animals! Some cheeky monkeys were playing on the road. Then continue up the winding road, through the fog. You can see the snow walls getting higher and higher!

And finally, we made it! The mighty snow corridor! The walls stood at 13m high, but in previous years has reached up to 20m! One section of the wall is designated the ‘graffiti wall’ for aspiring artists such as myself :-P You can see messages by people from all around the world!


The wall was very cool, but the best part for me was the spectacular plateau and mountain range. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before.


Snow-covered crater lake and Mt Tate in the background


Turquoise Mikurigaike Lake


Watching the clouds swiftly roll by


I spy… teeny tiny skiers!

And finally, a postcard sent from the highest Post Office in Japan (2,450m)! The lucky recipient should get it soon!



7 thoughts on “A Spring Adventure: Tateyama Alpine Route

  1. It looks like one awesome trip, like experiencing summer and winter in one day.
    The green on the railway tracks is as mesmerizing as the white snow against the blue sky. Lovely pictures :)
    I miss train journeys. they are so much fun, giving one enough time to enjoy the scenery, so much better than traveling by air, and more comfortable than traveling by road. :) .


    • Yeah it was bizarre to go from spring to winter in just a few hours. And while up in the mountains, the sun reflection was so strong I got as sunburnt as I would if it had been the middle of summer! I loved that train ride, too. It reminded me of a scenic railway near my home in Australia that weaves through the lush green rainforest.


  2. 標高2450メートル、日本で一番高い 郵便ポストから 送られた絵葉書を もらいましたよ。
    雪の壁(かべ)に 自分の名前を 書いているセリアさん、本物の登山家(とざんか)のようですね。 


    • You’ll have a great time, I’m sure! There will definitely be a lot of snow, as November is the last month before they close off the area for winter.


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