My Tokyo Guide


Welcome to my Tokyo Guide!

Having lived in Tokyo for over 5 years now, I’ve come to know a lot about the city and its diverse neighbourhoods. Whether you’re visiting Tokyo or living here, I hope this page of my favourite places, events and activities will give you some inspiration.

All are my personal recommendations and where I have a dedicated post or Instagram photo, I have added a link. Being such a huge metropolis, there are still many places I am yet to visit, so I will no doubt be adding to the lists over time.


Cafes collage

Tokyo has an overwhelming number of food-related establishments. It’s said that you could eat at a different place for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of your life and you’d only just scratch the surface. Standards in Japan are high so you get great food pretty much everywhere, but here are a few specific places I’ve tried and am happy to recommend.

Japanese restaurants:

Non-Japanese restaurants:



Museums collage

For all you art and design lovers, Tokyo has some incredible museums, art galleries, touring exhibitions and cool buildings. Feast your eyes – these are some of my favourites.

Parks collage

Typical of big cities, Tokyo is all about the hustle and bustle and sometimes you really need a quiet, open space to get away from it all. The parks and gardens of Tokyo are kept in immaculate condition all year round and shouldn’t be missed especially in spring and autumn. My favourite central park is Shinjuku Gyoen, and favourite outlying park is Showa Kinen Koen!

Events collage

One of the reasons I love living in Tokyo is there’s always something happening. There are many local/community events that are worth attending if you’re in the area, but in general, these are some of the major festivals and events I highly recommend to everyone.

Activities collage

There’s an endless amount of fun to be had in Tokyo on any given day. This is a list of activities you can only do in Tokyo or Japan—some are popular among tourists and others are what locals often do. What’s your ultimate Tokyo bucket list?


Tokyo is known for being numerous cities wrapped up into one big one. There are 23 special wards and 39 outer cities/towns. And the neighbouring prefectures are just a continuation of the metropolitan area! These are the most common neighbourhoods to explore in the central area and what they’re known for, or how you’d describe them.

  • Akihabara (otaku)
  • Asakusa (downtown)
  • Ebisu (restaurants)
  • Ginza (luxury shopping)
  • Harajuku (street fashion)
  • Ikebukuro (a bit of everything)
  • Jimbocho (bookstores)
  • Jiyugaoka (sophisticated)
  • Kagurazaka (European quarter)
  • Koenji (vintage stores)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Got anything to add? Leave a comment below so others can see!

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