Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us smile!

A chill, Saturday morning.

Taking a stroll in the warm spring weather down to the shops…

And while there, running into a random life-size mascot character of a lady bug?! One of those Only-in-Japan moments. I’m still confused about it.

Then on the way home, catching the waft of fresh bread from the local bakery.Bread

It’s been a few weeks since I got the keys to my new place, and I’m loving it! I’ve actually found myself in a lovely, quiet residential area close to a little shopping street. After moving houses, it’s always exciting to get out and explore the new neighbourhood. Literally a few doors down, a bakery teases us everyday with its enticing smell of bread. I finally went in and picked up a few delicious things this morning for breakfast – a cherry danish, custard bun, garlic bread, and a loaf of bread so fresh it was still warm. Heaven!

Bread Bread

Thank you Jen from the Daily Post for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme, Fresh.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

  1. Hi Celia,I just found your blog! I read a few posts and I really enjoyed it! We lived in Japan as expats for 6 years (pre-blogging,pre-Internet, pre-iPhones, etc.). How I wish blogging was already popular then. Thanks for posting about life in Japan. I miss it so much! I am now following you. Hope we can follow each other’s life journeys!


    1. Awesome!! It’s nice to meet a fellow (ex-Japan)expat blogger. I imagine life as a foreigner would have been a bit different back then. I look forward to checking out your posts about Japan, as well as your life now! Yoroshiku~ :-)


      1. Hi Celia! We left Tokyo 13 years ago so I don’t blog (hardly) on Japan. But if blogging was something to do back then, I can’t imagine how great my blog is. Just like your blog, it’s always exciting because there’s always exciting to write about.

        Thanks for the follow! I hope you’ll enjoy my blog as well as I enjoy reading yours!


  2. 日本のパン屋さんは どこでも 完璧(かんぺき)な パンを 焼きますね。
    わたしは そとが かりかりして、中(なか)が スポンジのような クロワッサンが すきです。
    写真にみえる ふた山のローフは そとが ぱりぱりで なかが ふわふわ しているようですね。 
    パンの写真を見ているだけで おいしそうなにおいが ただよってきます。
    フレッシュなパンと いっしょに フレッシュなコーヒーも 飲みましたか。


    1. 日本のベーカリーとパティセリーは最高ですよね!隣のパン屋さんはこれからよく行くかもしれません!


  3. Hi Celia !!!! Great write up. Kudos. Reminds me of the breakfast memories during my last visit to Tokyo.
    I will be there during May’15 and it would be great if we could catch up.



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