Relaxing Lakeside

Nothing says ‘relaxing’ to me more than being around water. When I’m hiking in the mountains, I love following streams and coming across waterfalls. When I’m at the beach, I love sunbaking on the sand and hearing the waves crash. When I’m in the sea, I love snorkeling among the fish and coral. And when I’m at a lake, I love getting on a boat or paddling around in a canoe. Water is just calming and blissful.

Two weekends ago, I took a day trip to Kawaguchiko, the biggest of the five lakes at the base of Mt Fuji. I’ve been to 2 or 3 of the other lakes before, but it was my first time to Lake Kawaguchi. It’s the most popular lake because it’s the most easily accessible by train. So as expected, there were quite a few tourists. Maybe more so because it was peak season for the autumn leaves.

After walking through the sleepy township from the train station, the lake suddenly came into view. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. To kind of see a snapshot of the whole lake, I went on a cruise boat that took us to the west end and back. I don’t think people swim in the lake – or at least it’s too cold to anytime outside of summer – but there were plenty of people fishing and chilling along the shores. On the north side, there were lots of lake houses. It would be amazing to rent a house and spend a weekend here! Their views of Mt Fuji early in the morning and at sunset must be amazing! On the south-east side, a cable car takes you up to a lookout point. You can also rent swan boats and go for a paddle. Or, there are even jet boat rides for thrill seekers.

I was happy just to relax lakeside and soak up those beautiful autumn colours.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax


19 thoughts on “Relaxing Lakeside

    1. Good timing! It feels like the leaves changed colours much earlier this year, and it’s already coming to the end of the season. Fingers crossed the wind hasn’t blown all the leaves away by the weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Anthony. Did you hear it snowed in Tokyo last week? Apparently it’s a sign of things to come… a very cold, snowy winter. I still get excited when I see snow haha. Maybe not the same for you though, I suppose?

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      1. I am not all negative and gloom when it comes to snow. I think it looks beautiful. Also, I have seen pictures of snow (and video from Tokyo Cooney) and think that it looks beautiful.
        Snow only gets bad when it has gone on for too long and you’ve had too many grey days. A bright sunny day with snow is all right.

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  1. 紅葉した山を見ながら、ひとりで小舟にのって、ゆっくりと魚釣りをしている人の光景が 
    一番リラックスして見えます。セリアさんは クルーズ船に乗って、リラックスしましたか。

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    1. はい、特に船に乗る時にリラックス出来ましたよ。短い旅でしたが、ちょっとだけ紅葉を楽しみながらリラックス出来てよかったです。また行きたいな!

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    1. I was surprised at how pretty it was there actually – wasn’t expecting the leaves to be so colourful!

      How did you go with your autumn leaves hunting this year? Found some good spots?

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        1. The only thing with going to Kyoto during the peak autumn colours period is that there are just soooo many people. It’s impossible to relax at all. Probably better going a bit early or late!

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