A Year of Colours: 2015 Review

What a year! I’ve been looking back at my photos from the start of the year, and they feel more like distant memories than things that happened less than 12 months ago. In between major events like snowboarding in Hokkaido, sakura-viewing and going to music concerts, which of course I can recall easily, there were lots of smaller, casual events like going to local festivals, hiking and checking out cool cafes, which I’d almost forgotten about. It’s especially in times like this that I am grateful to have these visual reminders.

For last year’s review, I wrote up my top 10 trips around the country. I probably did as much travel this year, but for my 2015 review I wanted to do things differently. I came up with the idea of sorting the year into colours a while ago, and have been excited to put it together. Not all photos are of Tokyo, but all were taken in Japan and have a special significance to me. Although this is a review post, there are a bunch of new pics about places I didn’t get a chance to blog about – so feel free to ask me about them if you want to know more.

Here is my ‘year of colours’!









Thank you all for reading and supporting Celia in Tokyo in 2015. I’m looking forward to bringing you more stories and pics in 2016.

Happy New Year!!


31 thoughts on “A Year of Colours: 2015 Review

  1. Happy New Year, Celia. I like the pink pictures the most of all, however, each color depicts wonderful seasonal features. I appreciate the beauty of nature and culture of Japan through your eyes. Thank you.


    1. Happy new year to you!
      Thanks! I have a million nature photos but I tried to include food, people and culture, too. Yes, the pink is very cute. I think I like the yellow the best, especially in the circular gallery format.


  2. Beautiful Celia! I love the way you have used colour to represent your adventures! Happy New Year, あけまして、おめでとうございます!I have used this post as inspiration for post #69 on my You inspire me blog. It is linked back to you and scheduled for January 6th. Please keep an eye out. I look forwrd to you 2016 posts! Best wishes Leanne


  3. I love this Celia….this is SO creative! The collage speaks of so much vibrancy you would experience in Japan.
    Each colour represented is so beautiful in their own way.

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading all about your new experiences! :)



    1. Happy New Year, Carl! I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you through our posts, and look forward to more this year. I had a lot of fun with this post, so I’m happy you like it! Cheers :)

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  4. This is a really cool idea for a blog post. I’m pleased to see that you’ve got the Christmas tree from Kitte Marunouchi in there. Maybe the best one I’ve seen in Japan, and I love the atmosphere of that area during the festive season.


    1. Thanks very much, glad you liked it! I love the tree at Kitte, too. It was my second year to visit it – but first time to catch the light show. Beautiful!


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